What Does “About Our Maximum Refund Guarantee” Really Mean

What Does “About Our Maximum Refund Guarantee” Really Mean When Filing Your Taxes?

About Our Maximum Refund Guarantee

Cash App Taxes wants to ensure (About Our Maximum Refund Guarantee) that we give the most in customer satisfaction when it comes to filing their income tax returns.

If you receive a larger federal tax refund of up to $100 or are owed less money on your federal taxes by using us for your 2023/2021 income tax filing, then as a thank, you for using our service, one of our employees will personally handpick an item of your choosing from Amazon valued at approximately an amount equal to your refund or extra owed money (one time only).

How Tax Refunds Work

If you make money in the United States, or are a U.S. citizen who lives abroad, you earn income that is subject to income tax and you may be liable for another type of tax called self-employment tax. You file an annual return with the IRS and they send you a bill based on your earnings.

If the amount withheld from your check is bigger than your tax bill (you probably don’t have too great of a bonus this year!), you get a refund from them. Otherwise, if it makes up for less, then you need to pay with that on Tax Day next year!

Here’s an example to help you better understand the math:

Let’s say that you get paid twice a month and your employer puts $200 aside for your federal income taxes every time. Over the year, that’s $4,800 in taxes! When you’re filling out your annual tax form and find out what you owe in taxes on your personal income, it turns out that you’ve already paid off the whole $4,800. Because of this, you’ll be getting a refund of nearly $300!

Credits and deductions lower your taxes

Every time you earn money, your taxes increase. But if you are eligible for any deductions or credits, reducing the amount of taxes you owe to the IRS is possible. These deductions allow you to pay taxes as if you earned less, while credits lower the amount of money that is directly taken from your paycheck by the IRS.

Everyone gets an automatic standard deduction each year. You may qualify for additional deductions for having paid mortgage interest, charitable donations, and other expenses that are tax deductible.

It’s recommended that you use tax software or a tax professional to determine which deductions or credits you can benefit from in addition to receiving your annual standard deduction so as not to overpay on income taxes while being eligible to take advantage of all potential benefits.

How do I qualify for the Maximum Money Back Guarantee?

You must have filed your tax return with the United States Internal Revenue Service by April 18, 2022.

You must make your Maximum Refund Guarantee claim complete by December 31, 2022.

claims you make on your tax returns that are the opposite of laws and regulations when you fail to file an amended tax return after we announce any updates or corrections are available through our Cash App Taxes applications when you fail to correct and resolve errors identified by our Cash App Taxes before you submit a claim under the Maximum Refund Guarantee.

Where Can I Send My Maximum Money Back Guarantee Claim?

All documents listed above must be mailed in a complete package to the following mailing address.

  • Cash App Taxes, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 49264
    Charlotte, NC 28277

How do I know the claim has been accepted or denied?

We will review each claim package individually and acceptance or denial of your claims are entirely within the discretion of the office. In rare instances, we may send an email for you to clarify some items, however, once we’ve completed a review of your claims, we will send you an email with an acceptance or denial of your claims.

Bottom Line

The best part of doing your taxes is the refund you get to keep. That commercial jingle’s either time wasted or a scam. All tax preparers should issue an accurate refund guarantee.

Accuracy doesn’t get you more than that one accurate number and it doesn’t make up for errors and fraud. So why take chances with anything less? You’ve got the right to an accurate refund! Activate it now!

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