Alexa Liaskovski an intern at cash app

Alexa Liaskovski 

I interned at Square while working on the seller-side of their online store. Alexa loved the team and the company’s culture, but I knew that because of its size, it might not have the same start-up feeling as the startup companies in which I had interned. Through my internship at Square, I learned more about Cash App – an app within Square that allows users to transact with other individuals and businesses directly in a sort of P2P fashion.

Their mission resonates with me; they’re dedicated to bringing money to people’s pockets more quickly and efficiently than ever before. As a user myself, I love how convenient Cash App is for me, especially for smaller everyday transactions like splitting dinner bills or paying someone back for rent or utilities when your bank account never seems to be at the ready. During my internship at Cash App, I learned from technical wizards here who are dedicated to mentoring younger engineers like me as we learn our craft.

Favorite thing about working here at Cash App

The people are the most important part of any business, in my opinion. My team is super cool and chill. We’re all able to learn from one another and not feel threatened by learning from each other’s ideas. I can be myself here, celebrate when I’m productive (rarely), and be honest if I’m not feeling it in a particular moment. There are some amazing open channels where people are willing to help show you how something works or just go over some strategies to make sure you’re on the right track. Everyone digs into opportunities and knows their worth, so if anything comes your way, trust that you deserve it.

Was your cash app experience most beneficial to your career development?

My entire internship was scheduled to take place remotely, so I was initially nervous about being able to ask questions. When we’re in the office, it’s as easy as turning to the person next to us should we need to ask a question, thankfully at Cash App, my mentor scheduled daily one-on-one meetings specifically dedicated to making sure I could ask any questions that I might have about my work or anything else related. As an intern with such a highly innovative company, where so many other interns worked hard at either completing missions or researching me, I had full access to so many extremely beneficial resources.

How would you describe the projects you are working on?

At the beginning of my (Alexa) internship, I asked my lead for any opportunities to take on bigger tasks with the responsibility to make decisions and they listened. Building notifications was an incredible challenge, rather than having someone else tell me exactly how to build it, I got to design a pattern for our new micro service so notifications work better than how they worked in the monolith. I’ve (Alexa) learned a lot through this process and I’m very grateful that my team gave me such an assist so that I could prove myself by accomplishing such challenging work.

How do you see your future after working at Cash app?

Before I (Alexa) joined the Cash App team, I knew next to nothing about cryptocurrencies. But they’re becoming increasingly more integrated into the workforce today, so I needed to figure out where I stood and how this worthwhile field might affect my professional career in an impactful way. Thankfully, one of my colleagues at Cash App started to talk about Bitcoin one day when I told him about my interest in diversifying my technical knowledge. He ended up scheduling a Bitcoin for me with another colleague who happened to be their Lead Fintech Engineer at Square and the CEO himself was very supportive of the idea.

The whole thing was a wonderful learning experience, and it has sparked many new ideas for me in terms of getting myself better acquainted with this space as well as figuring out exactly what kind of role would best fit for me if I were to work in this growing field.


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