Amazon Business Credit Card

Amazon business credit card

The best Amazon business credit cards offer generous Amazon rewards at a certain cost, making them ideal for owners who spend more on their Amazon purchases. While most commercial credit cards offer 1% cashback when you buy from Amazon, these cards offer up to 5% cashback and up to $ 125 additional cashback per gift card. Although some cards require an Amazon Prime membership, there is no annual fee for the cards on our list.

Best Amazon Business Credit Card

Amazon Business Prime American Express Card

Amazon Business Prime American Express is the best business credit card for business owners who often shop from Amazon. This card can get up to 5% off on, Whole Foods, Amazon Business, and Amazon Web Services. If you are a heavy business user of Amazon Prime, the high rewards of this card and the $ 125 gift card should prove to be beneficial once approved.

Additionally, you can choose to earn rewards or payout terms. Those who choose the payment method can purchase goods on Amazon without interest for 90 days. Plus, you can change your choice of perks into rewards for future purchases at any time.

You can also get the second-highest reward from this card by purchasing restaurants, gas stations, and cell phones. While you don’t need to pay an annual fee to enjoy all of these benefits, you must have an Amazon Business Prime membership to be eligible. Business Prime accounts charge $ 179 per year, while standard Prime subscriptions charge $ 119 per year.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

The Visa Signature Amazon Prime Rewards card offers 5% cashback on all and Whole Foods purchases, so it’s a good personal card for frequent Amazon shoppers. This card also comes with a $ 70 gift card that can be applied to your Amazon account as soon as the card is approved.

This card also lets you choose to earn cash back rewards or choose payment terms, and you will have no interest for 90 days. If you choose continuous rewards, the cashback rewards you receive aren’t limited to Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. You can also get 2% cash back for your purchases at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores.

You must have a standard Amazon Prime membership to get this card. Amazon subscriptions for personal accounts start at $ 119. However, since this is a personal credit card, you will not be able to use it to establish business credit.

American Express Blue Business Cash Card

The American Express Blue Business Cash Card is one of the best business cards for homeowners looking for stable cashback rewards for Amazon purchases. Although not an Amazon-branded card, this card can still earn 2% cashback on all purchases, including Amazon-related purchases. Plus, you’ll get a 0% APR introductory period, which is longer than any other card on our list.

It’s a good card for homeowners who want advanced American Express privileges (like increased purchasing power without having to pay a high annual fee). With this card, you can make purchases when you exceed your credit limit without incurring additional charges. The extended purchasing power feature is not unlimited and depends on factors such as your card usage and payment history.

How do we rate the best Amazon credit card for business

When reviewing the credit cards on this list, we primarily include cards that offer strong ongoing rewards for Amazon-related purchases. Along with ongoing rewards, we’ve also factored in welcome offers, Amazon-specific launch funding, and annual Prime card or membership fees.

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