Download Art of War Mod APK: Legions (MOD Menu) 5.5.8

Download Art of War: Legions (Mod Menu) 5.5.8 free on android

Art of War Mod APK

Hey, everyone welcome to our site regarding mods. We are here with another game Art of war mod apk. The Art of War legions is a must-have game. In it, you play an important role as the commando mastermind who sends an army into battle for glory and conquest. After all, what could be more rewarding than seeing your attempts at tactics and strategy pay off?

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Of course, success doesn’t come easy. However, we’re convinced that if you simply learn from the mistakes made by other generals in history such as Sun Tzu himself, you can use their failures to your advantage instead and win while they lose. Let them be your guide towards victory and let those ancient strategists become a part of your inspiration to greatness.

What is the Art of War: Legions?

Art of War mod apk

Art of War Mod Apk: Legions ( MOD, UNL ) – An interesting, fun, and exciting Android game that allows you to manage the lives of different soldiers. Take part in different interesting fights, complete additional missions, and earn more rewards. The application has a pleasant design, updates often add more interest to the interaction of participants.

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Download Art of War MOD APK 

Game Name Art of War MOD APK
Game Size 141.63 MB
Latest Version v4.2.5
Android Version Android 4.1 and Above
Developer Fastone Games HK
Get it ON PlayStore
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Art of War MOD APK Features


Imagine two warring armies occupying the same space. It may be hard to tell them apart if you try to analyze their differences. One army is made up of blue blocks; the other, red.

But it’s clear that one color does not dominate the other for each army comprises identical units regardless of shade and any observer will see this immediately upon gazing at the opposing factions.


While the appearance of allied and enemy units is similar, in-game power is not. Appearance similarity can make it easier to tell allies from enemies. For example, some units will carry pistols while others will carry rifles; some units may carry swords as well.

It all depends on context: against certain enemies, pistols are best; against others, rifles; and against still others, swords.



Art of War Mod Apk does not stop there! If you come to this game during your breaks, you won’t be bored. The reason is that you will be able to travel through very many different locations that do not overlap.

Each place contains many exciting and mysterious things for you to discover, depending on where the enemies are in this puzzle. Completing battles can yield rewards such as mountains filled with snow when the enemy is high.


As with other games involving war and battle, Art of War: Legions has tremendously helped us to improve our general gaming knowledge. Our strategy and maneuvering are a lot more advanced than they used to be before we began playing this game, and now that the repercussions of battle are more exciting for us than ever before – we can’t be more satisfied.

The most important aspect of any game like this is remaining mindful of your soldiers and their designs since you’ll have to enlist without fail every time you begin a fight. This game helps us expand our skills in different ways with the help of experienced and reward points which we use to upgrade our saints or purchase additional soldiers.

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Task Framework

Art of War Mod Apk: Legions have interesting twists and turns as you unveil the mysteries behind the reward system. When you reach level 15, you will be rewarded with gems and gold or diamonds when you complete each mission successfully. You can use your prizes in your upgrade shop to buy warriors like Achilles to fight by your side. There are 2 parts: Snow Adventure and Desert Treasure Hunt, with 5 missions per map. Don’t forget to backtrack a few times to make sure everything is completed.

A lot of game mode

For the legions game, there are 3 different modes in it. The first mode is all about army occupying manner and fighting against the opponent, which requires players to build towers and kill enemies. And then they released another level in this theme which includes chests as rewards. In addition, soldiers also get a chance to gain gold coins by simply being organized.


This Art Of War Mod Apk game has impressively rendered 3-D graphics that view the battlefield from high above. It’s very much like “Clash Royale,” without the touchscreen interface.

Your armies then march around and fight opponents with impressive battle sequences that take place in a virtual arena where each troop is designed to be both fun and interactive toys for kids of all ages. They act like Legos on the screen, so this is a kid-friendly fighting and strategy game.

Simple control scheme

As this is a strategy game, there are no complicated controls. All you need to do to start the battle is tap the “fight” button at the lower middle part of the screen. But before each battle, you are free to move your troops around to find the perfect positions for them.

Then as the fight commences, you can tap on the hero icons at the lower part of the screen to use those heroes.


There are two forms of currency in this game: coins and gems, but each has its purpose. You’ll receive coins as you progress through battles and you can use them to recruit more troops or purchase more heroes.

As for the gems, they might be less common than coins but you can use them to upgrade your troops or heroes as opposed to simply recruiting or buying new ones – though that is an option too.

Tips for Playing Art of War: Legions

This may look like a lighthearted, carefree game, but beneath the surface is a more complex, demanding experience. While this is welcoming to all new players, there are some tips and tricks they can learn from those with more experience to get the most enjoyment out of their gaming session.

Know your heroes and troops

In this Art Of War Mod Apk game, the key to victory is knowing your troops’ strengths and weaknesses. You should always be aware of these stats because they determine your strategy in battle. Special care should be taken when placing your troops so you can build a setup that prevents enemies from sneaking around behind you.

What’s New

  • Fix bug speed game activity
  • Improvement of the game interface

More Key Features

  • This Art Of War Mod Apk game is known for its unlimited number of matches presented at different levels.
  • Players can accept or not the challenges we present to receive additional rewards.
  • The gems will be in your possession if you can unlock the bonus quests.
  • Become a master commander and adapt smart, creative strategy to defeat enemies in the river.
  • Experiences with many different weapons in each context promise to give you a unique experience.


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