ATM Credit Card Skimmer

What is ATM Credit card skimmer

ATM Credit Card Skimmer is a device that can be installed in an ATM to steal the card number when the card is inserted into the card reader. It is not easy to see the card separator right away. However, if the card reader slot is loose, the color of the card reader may not match the color scheme of the ATM or the keyboard may feel incorrect (for example, it is difficult to press the keyboard buttons).

What Happens If a Credit Card Is Skimmed

Thieves use stolen credit card information in many ways. Thieves can make their fake credit cards, make fraudulent purchases online, or sell stolen information on the Internet. Fortunately, fraudulent charges on ATM credit card skimmer are more controversial than charges on debit card information. Most credit cards have a zero liability policy, which means that in the event of fraud, the cardholder will not be liable for a refund to the issuing bank. The fraudulent amount of credit is usually credited back to the cardholder’s account and reflected in the monthly statement.

When shopping at a gas station, choose to use a credit card instead of a debit card to take advantage of this extra protection. Another option is to pay the gas bill at the cashier so that the POS system is not damaged. Monitor credit card activity regularly by checking bank statements in advance or accessing accounts online (or better yet). Report suspicious activity as soon as possible by calling the phone number on the back of the card. Some credit cards have an active alert function and the cardholder is notified if a potentially fraudulent charge occurs. Usually, the next step is to receive a new credit card with the new card number by mail.

How to avoid card skimmer

Be vigilant when paying for gasoline with a credit card or withdrawing money at an ATM. If any part of the petrol pump card reader looks suspicious, pay the internal petrol charge with the cashier and let them know that a skimmer may be installed on the pump.

Try to use only official bank ATMs instead of the non-bank ATMs commonly found in convenience store bars. Cover your fingers with your other hand when entering the pin to block the potential camera. Never give your credit card to a credit card cleaner who claims to be able to clean the magnetic stripe or chip on the card to make it easier to read. These are usually scams designed to steal credit card information.

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