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What is Atom Finance

Atom Finance is an investment platform that offers unique investment research tools. This platform is designed for stock market investors who want to analyze their existing investment accounts and explore new investment opportunities. The platform includes access to real-time quotes, news, SEC deposits, a portfolio analyzer, and other stock market analysis tools. Atom Finance claims to provide institutional-quality investment resources for automated retail stores.

Atom financing cost

  • Autumn Finance is completely free to use. You can access all the investment tools without paying a single penny.
  • The platform can be accessed online or through a mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • When we wrote the initial Atom Finance review, the company only offered the free service. Since then, they have launched a premium version of the service for $ 9.99 per month. A free 30-day trial is available.

To review Atom Finance, we will mainly focus on the free service. Generally, the free version and the paid version are the same, but the free version has some limitations. The payment version also offers some additional features that may be useful to some investors. We recommend starting with the free version to see if it fits before upgrading to a premium plan.

Features of Atom Finance

Atom Finance provides some basic research and investment tools for retail traders. While the tools are basic compared to the paid services, they are really effective in the free service. Let’s take a closer look.


The most unique aspect of Atom Finance is its financial models, which are placed under the tab called “Sandbox”. With these models, you have the opportunity to customize many of the assumptions used by analysts when calculating the stock target price. For example, you can adjust the number of shares outstanding, the share price, the total debt, and the revenue you expect the company to receive in the future. Based on this, Atom Finance automatically recalculates fundamentals such as EBITDA and enterprise value to P / E ratio.

From there, you can model the fair value of the stock share price. You can use the price-to-earnings ratio and calculate the forward coefficient to get a fair price or use the total value of the company for profits or revenue. Helpfully, atom Finance also allows you to see the consensus expectations of analysts on all of these values, so you can see your analysis of what experts are thinking.


Newsfeeds play a huge role in Atom Finance. On the platform, you can follow any stocks or market sectors and Atom Finance will automatically provide you with a news feed. Surprisingly, there aren’t many stories from the biggest names in the world of financial news on Atom Finance – platforms like Benz, Market Watch, and Bloomberg. Instead, many of the articles came from Reuters or the Atom Finance Press Team.

This is unfortunate because you cannot get a broad view of the market as many stock market news platforms to provide. Even if you follow market leaders like Amazon and Apple, it’s not uncommon to spend more than an hour between stories. Atom Finance also has a feature called “X-Ray” that allows you to search for company references and/or keywords via news articles, revenue call transcripts, and SEC files. This is useful if you want to dig deeper into the company or its competition. This is actually a great feature of the free tool. This is similar to the premium functionality of tools such as Equity Feed and Benzo Pro (although not nearly as powerful).

Wallet tracking

You can also use Atom Finance as a wallet tracker. But strangely, there is no way to enter transactions manually on the platform. You must link a brokerage account to track investments. This means you can not create a simulated wallet and see how it works over time. However, the tool is more designed to analyze your current portfolio than to emulate new portfolios and/or portfolios.

After you import a transaction, Atom Finance graphs your earnings against the S&P 500 and calculates earnings and other key metrics from the average price for your portfolio. It also displays your portfolio diversity based on the sectors in which you own shares. In fact, you can track your trades and trades in different time frames. These are really wise if you are investing in a wide variety of stocks. It will be more useful if you invest for a while because you can evaluate your returns over time.

Company Comparison

Atom Finance allows you to make direct comparisons between two or more companies. Although this is a bit disappointing we are happy to review this feature. The results are output in a table instead of a graphical one. You can see many key metrics like P / E ratio, revenue growth, and EBITDA, but the list of factors to compare is not exhaustive. Unfortunately, there are no built-in scanners or sector lists to help you decide which companies to match. You will need to enter the indicators manually, so this tool is only useful if you already know which companies are comparable for your purposes.

Favorable brokerage firms

Trade data can be imported from a variety of US brokerages, including Atom Finance Schwab, e * Trade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, and more. Adding your brokerage account to the platform allows you to track your earnings and analyze your holdings.


  • Completely free to use
  • Multiple investment research tools
  • Real-time stock market data
  • Broker integration for investment accounts
  • Positive fair value modeling of stocks
  • curated newsfeed
  • Core portfolio tracking and analysis
  • Compare the basics in companies


  • Modeling data is not available on the platform
  • News channels do not remove articles from many major outlets
  • Many features offered by brokers are unnecessary

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