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What is Ally invest

Ally Invest is the brokerage business of Ally Bank. Due to its low cost, low minimum requirements, and reliable (if a bit outdated) trading platform, it is a reliable choice for traders and investors. Commissions for stocks and ETFs are zero, options trading is only $0.50 per contract, and the minimum reserve and account fees are very low or non-existent. In addition to providing basic, technical, and other tools provided by most online brokers, Ally Invest also provides professional options analysis tools, such as potential calculators and dynamic profit charts that most online brokers do not have. We research Ally Invest in-depth to help you determine whether it is suitable for your investment needs.


The Ally Invest platform works well, although the technology is a bit old and may require multiple screens/platforms at once. Starting the website to log in always takes you to the basic Ally home screen, which displays all the relevant accounts on the Ally platform, so bank accounts, car or housing loans, personal accounts, management accounts, etc. are all displayed on this page. You can click on the personal investment account to enter the Ally Invest homepage of the account; you can switch between the custody and self-designated brokerage accounts from the Ally Invest page.

Business experience

Ally Invests trading experience is suitable for most traders, but it has the basic functions of an order. There is no platform that allows you to register stop loss and/or profit contingent orders, and it does not even support trailing stop loss. Since you cannot sell securities in a cash account, merchants must wait to fill out a purchase order before they can stop. Newer platforms usually support this type of contingent order.

Mobile experience

The Ally Invest mobile app works well, but overall performance is low. Trading only applies to stocks, ETFs, and options available on the mobile app. fixed income and mutual fund transactions should be conducted on the website. This activity includes viewing recent activity and the ability to transfer assets between Ally platform accounts (such as Ally investment accounts and Ally bank savings accounts).

The mobile application also has a research page, which contains news headlines, recent quotes, major market indicators and their performance today, as well as market trends on the New York Stock Exchange. No filters are provided in the mobile application, but basic information, technical data, and news are provided to ensure safety by choosing to provide security. Mobile applications can meet the needs of merchants they want to trade. In addition to the limited charts and information provided when searching for personal safety, all filters and other tools may be used to conduct research on the website to find investment ideas.

Contribution scope

Ally Invest provides trading of fixed income products, including US-listed stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, and US Treasury bonds, CDs, and corporate, municipal, and agency bonds. Ally Invest also provides foreign exchange transactions in 52 currency pairs through a dedicated platform, although they do not provide futures, cryptocurrencies, some stock transactions, or international securities listed outside the US exchange. Investors using Ally Invest can conduct the following transactions.

  • Long and short stocks (including extended trading hours)
  • Over-the-counter market
  • ETF
  • Listed options
  • Mutual funds (load ~ 18,000 / ~ 7,000)
  • Fixed income: U.S. Treasury Securities (490), corporates (7,099), municipalities (48,631), U.S. institutions (670), certificates of deposit (2,704)
  • Forex (52 currency pairs; through the Ally Invest Forex app)
  • Ally bank account (interest burden, but investors must transfer funds to an investment account in advance)


  • Ally Invests transaction costs are competitive, including zero commission trading of stocks and ETFs. Optional transaction is 0.50 USD per contract. 1
  • Stocks and ETFs-no commission
  • OTCBB (and stocks under US$2.00)-4.95 US dollars and 0.01 US dollars per share; the maximum commission for each order should not exceed 5% of the transaction value, and the minimum is 4.95 US dollars and 0.01 US dollars per share. The minimum order quantity for OTCBB and pink sheet stocks is $100.00.
  • Options-US$0.50 per contract; closing low-value option positions also require a fee of US$0.50
  • Mutual Fund-No Burden Mutual Fund Transaction $9.95
  • Fixed income-There is no charge for US Treasury bonds, otherwise, it will charge 1 USD per 1,000 USD bonds, with a minimum of 10 USD per transaction and a maximum of 250 USD.
  • Robot management account-the minimum investment is $100. The 30% management fee of the cash-inflated portfolio is not allocated to cash, and the annual management fee of the portfolio created by other robots is 0.30%.
  • The margin rate is calculated according to the breakpoint of the account size: less than $ 10K 7.75; $ 25K 7.75%; 50,000 US dollars 7.50%; 100,000 US dollars 6.75%; 250,000 US dollars 5.50%; 500,000 US dollars 4.50%; 1 million US dollars 4.00%; USD 1 million + 3.25%
  • Foreign exchange-no commission; Allie gets her foreign exchange service compensation through the bid/ask difference
  • Account closure-none (including ACAT fees)
  • Transfer account-50 USD
  • Domestic wire transfer-30 USD for sending wire transfer; no charge for receiving a wire transfer
  • Check-There is a $5 fee to send a check
  • Voluntary restructuring fee (for company activities)-$50
  • Inactivity and maintenance fees-none

Fixed income filter

On the standard website, you can scan for bonds by clicking “Trade” and then “Fixed Income”. Click the button to select the bond type (Muni, Agency, Strips / Zeros, Treasury, Corporate, CD). Each bond type has a query definition page where you can define a search, a query result page listing the bonds that meet your query definition, and a bond detail page where you can find more information about the bond. More information. This is a very basic filter, with several criteria to choose from.

customer service

  • Telephone line available 24/7
  • Average hold time 30 seconds
  • Live chat is available
  • Can help through social media
  • Accounts can only be opened by U.S. residents.


Ally Invest provides two-factor authentication for biometric login on its platform and mobile platform. The London Lloyd’s insurance policy purchased by Insurance Alley’s clearing company strengthened the Securities Investor Protection Company (SIPC) on the account, providing Allie customers with US$150 million in securities and cash insurance when the SIPC line runs out.

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