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Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin roulette is a quick, exciting, and lucrative game for all you Bitcoin patrons out there. Roulette players who are dedicated fans of gambling can all agree that this is the best, most trustworthy site to try your luck at winning big using Bitcoins as buy-ins.

You won’t have to search for long for the rules or how to bet with Bitcoins; the information about both these factors as well as strategies and more are offered right off the bat when playing this game! .

Take a break and indulge in gambling on the most entertaining Bitcoin roulette games designed and developed by our skillful team of professionals.

Not only will you be fully convinced that our online casino is safe enough for playing the games that feature cryptocurrency as the main source of currency but also, you will easily win a lot of BTC that are delivered directly to your digital wallet.

What Is Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game which has been played for centuries. It has become available in an online context as well, with the incorporation of web-based casinos, and is now more widely accessible.

Online roulette is similar to its land-based variant – you match numbers on a wheel and wait until a ball drops into one of them to determine the final winning number. The similarities end there; though! Online roulette provides a better overall experience than its traditional counterpart.

How To Play Bitcoin Roulette

Before you jump straight into the deep end and begin playing for real money, it’s important to get to know the ins-and-outs of how Bitcoin roulette works.

Not all roulette games are like most people assume – where there’s only one correct winning number or color. It requires a bit of information on Bitcoin for you to really understand what it is about before investing any money in the game itself.

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Once you reach this stage, Bitcoin roulette becomes a whole lot more interesting because then players will have an opportunity to start betting their money against other players on chosen numbers that they think not just stand out the most, but can also prove themselves as potentially valuable when it comes down to winning more.

Varieties of Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette wheels will differ depending on the number of zeroes on them. The primary varieties include:

  • American. Contains 2 zeros, which are called “zero” and “double-zero”.
  • European. Containing a single zero.
  • French. If the player gets “zero”, then the rate of 50% is lost, and the remaining 50% are assigned to the next game.
  • Live Roulette. Roulette games may not differ much in the gameplay itself, but they have a lot of differences on the layout and odds. Then you have to analyze each game from a different perspective.

Roulette selection criteria

Online casinos that accept Bitcoins as a form of currency have been on the rise over recent years. In order to not worry about the profitability of your investment in cryptocurrency, make sure you’re choosing an online casino based on the criteria listed below.

The existence of the license

It is important that Bitcoin casino’s do not have any ties when it comes down to choosing a collection of one of the most popular and easily recognizable licenses available.

If one chooses a company which has such a license, then this crucial information is made readily available on your website’s main page.

As of today, there are many casinos who offer people the chance to gamble using Bitcoin as their currency which are run by reputable and trusted businesses.

A gaming platform
It is important to choose a casino that accommodates players with specific wants and needs. Bitcoin casinos have different features from other platforms, but the most popular aspect of a Bitcoin site is the trustworthiness of its payout ratio. Some of the top software developers for slot games include Aristocrat, Playtech, Betsoft, NetEnt and Microgaming.
Reviews about the casino
Be sure to check in the search engine any opinions from those who have played at this gambling house either positively or negatively. And also, read how fair the game goes and whether or not the casino compensates its players for their winnings.
It is imperative that one review no fewer than 20 stakeholders who will provide both subjective and objective feedback about this gaming establishment – clearly outlining what features are most essential for you to consider when you play here at our site.
Responsible gambling
While the casino might seem tempting and adventurous, remember to be smart when it comes to your money and do not play big bets if it results in free Bitcoin roulette.
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Although it’s tempting to go all out with the high-stakes wins and jackpots, it’s much smarter not to put yourself or your business on real life roulette. You should instead start off small bets so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and how long you can stay in the game before pulling out.

Bitcoin Roulette Bonuses

Crypto gambling is an excellent opportunity to spice up a boring day. There are still tons of places where you can have fun and even make money! If you love playing poker or slots, there are wonderful opportunities to play at some of the best sites, get free spins and collect bonus tokens.

These will depend on what type of game you prefer: variations across the board of poker with wilds often include great rewards.

Where to Play Bitcoin Roulette

There are so many casinos where you can have fun and win big. Here are three Bitcoin casinos that you could enjoy playing at on your computer or on your mobile device today. Roulette is the best Bitcoin casino on the market with huge cash pots and exciting bonus offers for regular players which continue to attract new customers to this platform each day.

Players can spin the roulette as well as play live roulette games thanks to a rich variety of great quality games from developers who are renowned in the industry.

Fortune Jack Roulette

Fortune Jack is an online casino that has a variety of games. You can spend Bitcoin here on a dice game that you love or play with any other crypto. There are several excellent dice games to pick from, especially shuffle and baccarat .

Stake Roulette

Stake is a relatively new crypto casino that has already made a name for itself as a reliable and trustworthy gambling platform. It’s dedicated to ensuring that its customers have the best possible experience when enjoying games like poker, slots or blackjack because it developed its casinos especially with players in mind.

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Even though Stake Casino doesn’t offer any welcome bonuses, withdrawal bonuses or other offers for VIP members, it does compensate by making online gaming experiences more exciting than ever before.

Their great UI allows players to enjoy the smoothest and most seamless crypto roulette action without having to worry about anything .

Advantages of playing Bitcoin Roulette

Security and Safety 

There are many excellent methods to ensure safety and security when it comes to Bitcoins. Users’ information is secured, meaning they only have to enter their details once and then deposit the required funds by using a specific address that is provided.

When compared to the traditional online casinos, Bitcoin casinos are far more secure, thanks to the technology on which they work on. With these new innovations and improved ways of keeping your account safe, you no longer need to worry about unfair casino scams or being robbed of your hard-earned winnings in any way whatsoever.

Transparency Is Important

The cryptocurrency marketplace has anywhere between 800 and 1000 different crypto coins that are available to buy. They are easy to purchase with real cash, and they can be exchanged with Bitcoin if the buyer prefers.

What sets this currency apart from others is that it allows its users to remain anonymous while making transactions over the internet. It’s crucial when looking to balance transparency against anonymity to use a company that understands both sides of this coin as well as ensuring that odds are legitimate.

Convenience and Affordability

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, it has become easier for Bitcoin casinos to operate. They offer the same services as traditional online casinos, only these operations are completely safe and allow players from all over the world to participate in.

On the other hand, unlike ordinary online casinos, those powered by Bitcoin do not restrict gamblers from certain areas. Furthermore, they provide instant payouts and outstanding security measures which protect players form hackers on the web.

Game Variety

Players can find all kinds of great games, including slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and much more. With this in mind, we believe that cryptocurrency casinos will make a mark on the gambling industry as they are quickly catching up with traditional casinos.

Fast transactions

Using BTC is a fast way of sending and receiving cash. There are no banks to worry about because transactions can be completed quickly within minutes. No matter how big the amount is, it will be processed by the block chain in no time at all.

This means you will get your money back in your account as soon as possible, eliminating any worries that it won’t arrive when you need it urgently.

Bonuses and promotions

Bitcoin can be used as a way to gamble anonymously or it can even be used as a deposit option. Some betting sites  and these offer you an extra benefit if you use Bitcoins rather than traditional currencies to fund your account.

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In other words, instead of just giving out bonuses for making deposits when using fiat payments, some sites will actually give out free spins in games like slots if you deposit with Bitcoin.

Disadvantages of playing Bitcoin Roulette

Other aspects have been somewhat disappointing:

Little Security

You’re more likely to experience bugs, system crashes, and other setbacks. There’s no way to hold anyone accountable in case your funds disappear due to such factors. It is even worse if said casino is located overseas in a country whose regulatory body decides not to provide supervision over users outside her country’s territory.


Digital currencies are constantly fluctuating in value: that makes crypto gambling potentially more of a challenge than fiat currency gambling.

Digital currency jackpots being bigger doesn’t mean you are more likely to win them, especially if the currency falls against your local fiat unit – Euros or Dollars for example.

If you’re not familiar with crypto fluctuation (best be careful!), it may be wise to steer clear of crypto gambling. However, if tracking currency exchange rates is already part of your routine, trading crypto funds will seem like a piece of cake!


The process of understanding cryptocurrency is still very limited. Even before the advent of cryptocurrency e-wallet, users only had conventional methods to store their funds.

Conversion Fees

Bitcoin and other digital currency can be gambled using exchanges. However, when you have to get cash, you’ll need to convert the currencies back into ‘normal’ money. Exchanges like Coin base charge fees each time you do this so it’s better to shop around to find an exchange that offers good rates and low fees.

Unpredictable Changes

Although Bitcoin has been around for a while now, there’s more to be done. The framework has taken some damage in the past and transaction times were slowed due to an overload of data entries/exits coming from/into the block chain network. Gamblers are hoping that this will not be an issue with Coins Paid Inc’s currency because they manage their own servers.


While Bitcoin’s anonymity can be useful for those wishing to cover their identity, there are ways to help prevent fraud. It is advisable to use reputable exchanges which monitor transactions. This will keep your virtual account safe, flagging suspicious activities.

Unlicensed Bitcoin Casinos

Of course, scams also come with fiat currency platforms. While Bitcoin is still a new technology, it is easy to find online sites that offer fun, fair and secure gambling games. By searching  Satoshi and hoping this article will help you select one of the best Bitcoin casino today.


Similarly, this cryptocurrency comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This means that like everything else in life, it depends on the player to make their final decision as to whether they wish to utilize Bitcoin for gambling or not.

As long as you’re aware of all the pros and cons that come with utilizing Bitcoin for your online gaming needs, then you can make an educated choice whether or not to use it for casino gaming.

The most important thing about Bitcoin as a currency is to remain alert and know what your doing. There are many cons to BTC like the enormous volatility in price.

The good news is that it is beneficial when you can recognize the times when it’s safer to wager on Bitcoin rather than other currency areas. Furthermore, if you use a licensed and regulated online casino, sports book, poker room, or equivalent platform chances are you won’t have issues with where you wager your Bitcoins .

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