Bitrix24 CRM

What is Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM is a popular free online CRM software used by over 8 million businesses worldwide. It is available for open source code in the cloud or on-premises. Unlimited leads, deals, contacts, businesses, quotes, invoices, and appointment schedules. The free plan also comes with email and telemarketing. Advanced versions include sales and marketing automation, bulk SMS, campaign management, and support for multiple pipelines, available in 18 different languages.

What is the use of Bitrix24

Well, I’m telling you that Bitrix 24 looks like a more fraudulent tool than CRM. This is not entirely true. When you first land on your Bitrix24 CRM intranet, you are greeted just like Facebook, but if you go to your CRM dashboard, you’ll see all the productivity tools you normally see. Here is an overview of some of the things you can do with Bitrix24 review

  • Create potential clients
  • Invoice production
  • Close deals
  • Recording information
  • Assign tasks
  • Sharing information with the team
  • Sort records

One interesting thing about this service is that you can customize anything. You can change what you show in your activity stream, allowing people in different places to see less of what they don’t need and more of what they do. As a moderator, you can also filter only for people who are allowed to view certain messages. This feature is important because it prevents sensitive information from being shared across the entire company, but you do not even have to send everything in person.

Bitrix24 Features

We talked a little bit about some of the features of the Bitrix24 CRM is, but let’s learn in more detail. Bitrix24 divides its services into five main categories


If Bitrix24 review does nothing for your business, it will at least help you open up communication lines in your business. If you find it difficult to transmit information and assign tasks throughout the company, this software can help you. You can find video chat, chat room, workspace, and all in one place. There is a human resource management system to assist you with attendance, reports, workflow, payroll, and employee handbooks. Bitrix24 review provides unlimited cloud storage and document management systems to ensure that employees have the appropriate permissions to access information without losing any files.


The next feature you will get with Bitrix24 is the task management software. With this, you can plan and do things properly so that everything is on time and on time. It provides a Group Task Manager that allows you to monitor the time you spend on projects as well as who is working on each point. The most important thing you can do is to hold employees accountable for giving you peace of mind.

You can plan and manage projects at every step. You can select employees whom you want to work on in a particular job and you can track their progress when they complete certain steps. All in all, there is this wonderful communication channel. As this progress progresses, team members can continue to share their concerns, problems, and successes with you.


CRM also tracks all marketing expenses and determines revenue on the cost to see which marketing campaigns you can go to and which to turn off. The platform also tracks which keywords and channels give you the lowest CPA. When you combine many communication and team management tools with CRM, you will find a seamless way to capture and track leads, project management, and team tracking. If everything works together in perfect harmony, congratulations. If not, at least, it’s free.

contact center

The call center is another great feature that provides social networking tools that help you to live chat on your website and keep your connection active with your customers. This is correct; Tools are not only useful for your team.

Is Bitrix24 safe?

According to the company, it provides the most secure cloud solution, and only you and your colleagues can access your data.

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