Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk 1.213.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Moves)

Candy Crush Soda MOD APK 1.213.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Moves)

Hi everyone, today Fromask bringing to you a review of the Candy Crush Soda mod apk from Big Duck Games. But before we start, let’s get one thing straight – this is an unofficial APK and does not exist on the official app store.

Even though there are similar games out there with similar names and logos, it’s important to remind users to always be cautious if they’re thinking about downloading any of them. Given the chance to play Candy Crush Soda on your mobile phone once, you won’t forget it anyway because of all the levels, characters, and various extras.

Introduce about Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk

As mentioned above, talking about what is Candy Crush Soda Mod APK, we can say that it is a matching puzzle in which players have to match three same candies from the home screen. Simple matching and a large number of colors will let you play this game for a long time. Double bubble gum, wild soda pipe are some important features of this gaming. When you complete one level of soda saga levels then you will be allowed to get rewards from Coin master today spin link with a useful life.



In the new game Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk, Android gamers will find themselves venturing forth into an exotic landscape of high adventure and vigorous challenges. You’ll stand with Kimmy as she explores a new world while trying to locate her best friend, Tiffi, who is trapped in Candy Castle Land.

Getting into thirty-six new challenging and well-designed levels to solve the puzzles with ease, use limited sweet juice to feed those frogs and make them happy. Finally, achieve your dream career so you can get happiness and reward as soon as possible within this mod game.

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Improved version of Candy Crush Saga

Improved version of Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Soda mod apk includes a lot of interesting things. It is not only useful but also interesting. It helps the human body to stay calm and reduce stress. And there is another interesting thing in this game that sounds like our mouth gets wet whenever we see Candy Crush. Since my childhood, I am a big fan of it because there are lots of magical features are available in this game such as lives, lives, and lives.

Candy Crush soda mod apk is one of the most popular games in existence. It’s free to play and has more than 1 billion players worldwide. It’s fun, addictive, and a great way to pass some time. Features like lives that regenerate over time lives that can be bought or lives that are unlimited make the game easy enough for anyone to get into and provide a level playing field without it being simply based on who has the most money or who is willing to spend it on extras.

Why most of the people like this game

There’s nothing better than a big bowl of candies. This line is expressed in the game “Candy Crush Soda Saga”, where you will find attractive, delicate colorful graphics and lots of fun features that offer an original storyline. The gameplay is quite simple: the player must connect three or more candies by sliding them along the screen to collect points and pass each level.

This can be done by switching through levels, from one side to another, as well as vertically or horizontally. Candy Crush Soda mod apk is free for download for iPad, iPod Touch, and PC/Android devices.

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Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk Download Information

Game Name Candy Crush  Soda Apk
Updated 11 January 2022
Size 85.2 MB
Updated Version 1.209.7
Offered by King
Developer Limited Aragon
Rating 4.4
Get it On Play Store
Click here to download

Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk Features

Candy Crush Soda Saga has a lot of special events and content. I won’t tell you everything, but I will let you know that there are over six thousand levels and three different types of in-game special drinks with fizzy graphics, mouth-watering design, and every time changing landscapes – isn’t it just spectacular?


Coming to Candy Crush Soda mod apk, you will have the opportunity to play through each level of the game comfortably and freely. You can choose your level of play, going through three different levels that each have a separate game screen.

The difficulty will depend on each level, so choose one which suits your fitness and skills to be able to conquer it without fail! If you want to truly challenge yourself, take on a more challenging stage and try out some other exciting gameplay styles too!

Simple straightforward and addictive gameplay

Players may find themselves quickly getting familiar with the game thanks to the simple, straightforward, and addictive gameplay. Follow along with the general rules of match-three gameplay and finish the levels by completing certain requirements as you advance to more complicated stages.

Allow yourself to get hooked onto these games as you take on each stage at your own pace. Enjoy all that Candy Crush Soda mod apk has to offer, but be prepared for difficult challenges ahead.

Enjoy the game in different game modes

Candy Crush Soda Mod Apk Features

Moreover, as the player progresses in Candy Crush, the game offers a ton of different fun game modes to explore.


CANDY CRUSH is one of the latest releases by King and as many adrenaline junkies already know this game throws everything you’d expect in candy land – but with a cool twist on how things must be cleared out. As you play, your main objective is to save the Candy Bears from captivity by the evil soulless troll, General Candylicious.


Alternatively, if you enjoy the winter season and all things cold, how about traversing the frosted world below as you face off against a range of exciting ice levels! Position your moves so that you clear out the chunks of ice that entrap the candy bears.

Always keep an eye on your health bar and watch out for any signs of frozen water snakes as they squirm their way around in between saving those frustratingly cute bears.


You can enjoy the unique and refreshing levels in Honeycomb as you help the bears fall by correctly bringing together the various candies.


If you love sweets and enjoy matching candy, you’ll like the Jam Mode. Here, you match three or more of a kind to spread colorful jam all over the board and finish your tasks so that you can advance to the next level.

Thousands of levels from easy to difficult

Candy Crush Soda mod apk contains thousands of levels, all of which get more and more difficult as the game progresses. This is because the difficulty and requirements get increased with each level, making this a.puzzle adventure challenging to master.

Although it can take some time for players to eventually take down these puzzles, it’s rewarding for sure when winners eventually emerge.

As such, we’d like to suggest you become acquainted with our introductory game called ‘Candy Crush Fizz Saga,’ which will help you learn the ropes and get prepared before you venture out onto more advanced levels.

Play with friends

Games are more fun with friends, and Candy Crush Soda mod apk can help you connect to Facebook so that you’re able to play games with friends in a simple way. You and your friends only have to connect Facebook in your game so that you’re all linked up together and can see who’s beating everyone else on the leaderboards.

Of course, everyone receives many attractive gifts along the way. As you compare your achievements, it encourages healthy competition between you and other players which makes the game even more entertaining.


Candy Crush Soda Saga owns 3D graphics with many colors. The characters are designed very cute and sweet as candy. The effects of the game are also very cleverly designed. As soon as the candy disappears, they will explode and leave beautiful light rays that make the screen even brighter than before.

You will feel refreshed if you break many more potions all at once, like a fireworks festival. In addition to this, the unique interface of the game is also neat and simple with eye-catching colorful decorations focused on candy.

Game Compatibility With The Hardware

The Candy Crush Soda Saga game usually runs on most devices. Because it doesn’t require a lot of heavy hardware requirements nor does it need software to run the game, making it easy to set up and play, even by people with few tech skills or all but one eye on the screen – including grandparents.

Once you play for so long, you will start noticing that everything is getting enhanced as you go along.

Connect the game to your Facebook account for unlockable contents

Moreover, to allow gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest, you can connect your social account to it and unlock much interesting content. Start by enjoying the exciting Leaderboard challenges with friends and online gamers from all over the world.

Defeat your opponents by attaining the best scores in each level. The app also lets you sync your game progress across different devices with cloud saves, so that you never lose your hard-earned progress.

Interesting rewards and events to enjoy every day

The game also has daily rewards for you to collect as you come back to it. This can make a difference over time, and the more you get, the more rewarding it becomes. There are even entertaining events that you can enjoy on certain occasions, which just makes everything even more fun.

Visual and sound quality

Candy Crush Soda will give you a sugary feel with its vibrant, yummy graphics. With its mouth-watering visuals and amazing effects, Candy Crush Soda is a feast for the eyes and will forevermore be your favorite game to play. It’s also undemanding in terms of graphics: it can be enjoyed on most mobile devices without lag or graphically stuttering movements.



Final thoughts

Candy Crush Soda is a new match-three puzzle game from the well-known company King. Just like in your other favorite games, you’ll journey across the bright and fun levels matching three colors or more to earn points and move on. You can play for hours without making any in-app purchases which are great for you because it’s free.

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