Capital One Bank Address For Direct Deposit

What is capital one bank address for direct deposit

Capital One bank address for Direct Deposit Form is a standard form provided by Capital One, used to set up a direct deposit account in a business or business where you receive regular payments. It should be noted that any company or employer may have its form, so be sure to contact the corresponding office there to ensure that the form also meets the requirements of the payer. The function of this form will allow direct deposit of funds as payment into one or more bank accounts. Many people find this time saving very convenient because they want to receive payments without having to go to the bank or check-cashing location every week or every two weeks.

Download the Deposit Form

You can download a blank copy of the Capital One Bank address for Direct Deposit Information Form to your device by clicking the PDF button below the image on the right. This will enable you to print this form, then fill it in or directly use a PDF editor to enter your information, and then print it out.

Introductory Paragraph

The first item that needs attention is located below the introductory paragraph and appears in the form of two checkboxes. In case of your first time setting up a direct deposit with your employer or Capital One bank, please check the box labeled “Start a New Direct Deposit”. If you want to change your existing direct deposit information, please check the box labeled “Change my existing direct deposit”.

Company Information

In the section labeled “Company Information”, enter your employer company name in the first blank line. And then report your employer address on the line labeled “Address”. The third line is divided into four spaces: “city”, “state”, “zip code” and “phone number”. Enter your employer’s city, state, zip code, and phone number in the appropriate locations.

Employee Information

You must provide some of your personal information under the heading “Employee Information” in the next section. The first line provides an area where you can enter your full name, and then a special space for your “Employee ID # / Account #”. Below this, you will need to fill in your Social Security number on the appropriately marked line. Finally, use the remaining areas (“Address”, “City”, “State”, “ZIP Code” and “Phone Number”) to report your full address in the next two lines.

Bank and Deposit Information

Next, in the section labeled “Bank and Deposit Information,” you should report some basic but important information. You can report multiple accounts through this section to receive your direct deposit. If the bank you want to transfer the direct deposit to is one of the first capital banks listed below “Bank, select the box that shows the correct routing number.

The first is to use the routing number 051405515 for Capital One Bank and the second is to use the routing number 056073502. Then, on the line labeled “Account”, enter the first capital bank account number where you want to receive deposits directly. If you split the direct deposit into two accounts, please report the amount ($) or percentage you wish to deposit in the blank line marked “.

Customer Signature

Identify the statement that begins with the words “I authorize”, and then print out the name of the owner/company that is allowed to deposit funds directly into your account through this form.
Sign your name in the blank line marked “Customer Signature” and enter the date of signature in the blank line marked “Date”. After completing it, you can transfer it to the corresponding part of the workplace (ie human resources/payroll).

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