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Cash App Help Receiving a Payment

Cash App Help, you’ve just received the money in your Cash App. Or maybe you wanted to review a payment that’s already been sent or received. How do you even view the flow of money going into and out of your app. All payments that you receive are visible on the top right part of your home screen. To review a payment.

No payment

If you’re not seeing your expected payment in the Cash App, we may have sent it to another phone number or email associated with your account by accident. If you think this has happened to you and would now like to confirm where exactly that money is we have a couple of options available to help look into our system and see what address we have currently registered as linked to your bank account. So to begin, please log into the Cash App, and then tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen, select “Personal”, and then add any missing email addresses or phone numbers.

Refund payment

If a user sends you money through the Cash App and you’d like to return some of that money to them, you can refund the payment.

Canceled Payment

Cash App helps you get your money when you need it. So, if you send money to someone who later tries to withdraw money from their account using your Cash App but we catch the transaction because it’s potential fraud, then we cancel it and send you an alert! If not, they should be available within 1–3 business days depending on the bank in question.

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Account Statements

You can access your account statements in the following ways:

Log in to
Click the Statements button in the upper right corner
Select the monthly statement
The monthly statement will be provided within 5 working days after the end of the month.

International payments

Now you can use Cash App to help internationally your friends pay for expenses that are due to you in the UK. When one person makes a payment outside of the US, we will convert those funds into pounds sterling using the mid-market exchange rate and the recipient will receive their funds in the form of Sterling.

Exchange Rates

There are absolutely no fees to make payments in local or foreign currency to any other person who also has Cash App. If you wonder how much it costs exactly, don’t panic we have taken care of all the details. We will always let you know exactly what exchange rate rates we use before you initiate an international payment and it may cost more than just your goods and services will reimburse. In that case, you can always cancel the transaction and ask for a refund through your available fund’s balance after 24 hours.

Add Cash

We’re stoked you want to add cash to your Cash App help balance, but don’t let us be the ones who tell you when and how to do it. The Cash Card in the Cash app is super convenient because it’s attached to your account, so you know exactly how much money is on there at all times and don’t have to worry about carrying cash around with you except for emergencies. When the time comes that you need some loonies or a penny for your horse’s shoes, we’ll have them ready no matter where you are. But first, we’ve gotta ask for a bit more info about yourself.

Cards supported by the cash app

Cash App help support debit and credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express logos, as well as prepaid Debit Cards such as those issued by MetaBank.

Tex Reporting

For any additional tax information click the link to view the tax forum IRS website.

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