Chime Bank Mobile Deposit

How long does it take to Chime bank mobile deposit checks

Depending on the chime bank mobile deposit amount of the check and the person who wrote the check (large dollar sums and personal checks may take up to 3 full days to clear) checks should be cleared within 1-3 working days. So if you deposit a small check before 5 PM EST, the entire funds will be available to you until the next morning. When you make your deposit, the Chim app will let you know when your funds are available to you.

Note: Mobile Check Deposit is not available to all Chime customers. Mobile Check Deposit is only available to customers who actively use their Chim account as their primary bank – you must have an active direct deposit and actively use your debit card. This is a risk/security measure to make you believe that you are not cheating.

How Long Does a Chim Mobile Deposit Take

Small checks and government (incentive) checks should be cleared within one working day. Larger checks and personal checks may take a maximum of 3 working days. When you make a deposit, the app will let you know how long it takes to deposit funds.

Does Chim tell you if you have a pending deposit

Yes, pending deposits will appear on the Chim App Activity page. Incomplete deposits are shown in gray.

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