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What is CRM Insightly

CRM Insightly was founded in 2009, relatively recently for CRM, headquartered in San Francisco. Anthony Smith is the CEO and founder of the company. Provides insightful CRM software to over 1.5 million users and 25,000 businesses. Most companies opt for a software company with an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to the built-in workflow automation and structural features, the software is an excellent choice for CRM. Insightly is well known with a variety of third-party companies, including Google and Microsoft products. Insightly Marketing added Insightly Marketing to its product suite in November 2020 to expand its popular CRM tools with marketing automation, allowing businesses to integrate their marketing activities with sales and operations.

Insightly CRM services

CRM Insightly provides complete account management and leadership tools, including customizable sales processes, sales team management, and lead generation tools. To move leads through the sales pipeline, sales teams can take advantage of bulk email functionality and email templates for more efficient communications. They can also view their sales activities using the drag-and-drop capabilities of the Cannon board. In addition to the basic contact management tools, Insight provides integrated project management tools.

They are ideal for companies that need to provide their clients with customized or semi-custom projects such as setup projects or professional services. Users of professional and enterprise plans can also take advantage of automation and custom objects in the workflow. Provides insight into leading communication and collaborative tools, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and over 250 other business tools. It also offers Android and iOS devices to handle sales and delivery on the go.

How much does insightly cost

  • Insightly CRM offers three payment level services: Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, as well as the free version for both customers.
  • The free version of Insightly CRM can be used by two team members. The free version allows businesses to maintain 2,500 records, including contacts, leads, and accounts. It offers limited customization options, the option of adding two custom fields for each record type, as well as basic email templates, reports, and dashboards.
  • Insightly Plus is the most expensive tire, costing $ 29 per user per year when billed annually. For monthly billing, the cost increases to $ 35 per customer per month. With this level, users can access core CRM features, including leads, contacts, opportunities, and pipeline management, as well as reports and dashboards.
  • Enterprise is the most comprehensive and expensive tire, priced at $ 99 per customer per month or $ 129 per month. Removes restrictions on enterprise records number and data storage and provides your company with expertise in getting the most out of your investment. Enterprise customers can also create product price books, use custom verification rules, and send up to 10,000 group emails per day.

How to buy insightly

Go to the Insightly website

  Explore the different versions of Insightly CRM and Insight Marketing, taking into account the different features available.

Decide which products you want to buy: Keep in mind that in the future you can try to add additional features, decide what features your company needs.

Contact customer service representatives

The Insightly Customer Service team is available to answer any questions through phone, email, and chatbots found throughout the website.

Try Insightly CRM for free: Each version of Insightly CRM is available for a free trial, but the basic version of the software is free to use for both users.

Complete the subscription process

  To register for the Insightly program, users must create an Insightly account by entering their name, email address, and password.

How to use insightly

Insightly offers a wide range of tools to help users master its software. Many online guides are available at the Insightly Help Center. The Help Center sections start with CRM, import and export, connect to other applications and sell and project management. Each section contains several relevant guidelines, while the FAQ, Video, and Seminar sections complete the Help Center submissions. Your fellow users can answer specific questions in the Insight forums

CRM Insightly vs Pipedrive

Both PipeDrive CRM and Insightly CRM are ranked fifth in our rankings. Both provide the basic functionality you need from CRM, including contact management, pipeline tracking, and reporting. PipeDrive CRM costs less, starting at $ 12.50 per user per month when billed, but it has fewer features.

While Insightly provides project management tools along with the core CRM functionality, Pipedrive focuses on simplifying and improving the sales process. Companies with sales and delivery management requirements will find more value in Insightly CRM, while companies focusing solely on sales management may opt for Pipe Drive.

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