eBay Billing Agreement

eBay Billing Agreement Parties

eBay billing agreement, this thingy that I’ve been required to sign is between PayPal, Inc., PayPal CA Limited (which is an independent entity), PayPal Pte. Ltd., and PayPal Hong Kong Limited (“PayPal”), and eBay, Inc. (as per my online seller obligation agreement).

The right to charge EBAY fees to your PayPal account

By agreeing to these terms, you are giving eBay and PayPal permission to automatically collect fees related to your eBay account from your PayPal account. If something happens and a charge isn’t successfully taken from your Paypal account, you will be charged using another payment method on file like a credit card or checking account unless that method is removed or edited in the future.

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If you change your eBay registration from eBay.com to eBay.ca for example, this Billing Agreement gets canceled, no worries. If your currency changes on eBay, you need to again specify PayPal as an automatic payment method on an upcoming payment page. If the agreement is canceled or if it fails to get completed for any reason — never mind! You are still required to pay eBay in full and they may use a payment method previously on file with them such as a credit card or checking account.

Use Funding Source

When eBay needs to charge you for something, they’ll look to your PayPal balance first. If the amount in there isn’t enough, they’ll go pick a different source of money from your store. Maybe one day your PayPal card will be too busy doing hula-hoops or something, and so then it stops working. If this happens, you should either log in to fix it or maybe alert customer support on Twitter from a brand new towel with copious amounts of sunscreen because customer service is good but sometimes going outside is better.

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You can choose your preferred source of funding and enable or disable other sources as you see fit, both at enrollment and on the PayPal website terms and conditions.

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