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ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer APK

The ES File Explorer apk is one of the most popular and most used document pioneers and chief tools for Android gadgets at present. You can usually use this application to get it. It doesn’t make a difference what kind of record you need to look for From Ask.Com.

More about ES File Explorer Apk

In this application, there are many advanced devices available that can allow you to deal with your gadget stockpiling in a superior way. When you try to open packed records on Android, of course, you will have difficulties but ES File Explorer can help you effectively delete the content of that record without using the site.

If you are looking for an application supervisor file to organize Android at that point here we recommend considering downloading ES File Explorer today at that point.

What is ES File Explorer

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Strong is the company name behind ES File Explorer Apk. Built by experienced mobile software engineers with a passion for quality, this award-winning file finder, and app manager is one you can trust to help keep your everyday productivity.

What does ES File Explorer do?

What is ES File Explorer

The application, ES File Explorer provides a complete and all-encompassing file managing solution for your Tecno Mobile smartphone. By using the app, you can store your downloaded or transferred files in an orderly fashion.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to gain access to your files and folders within seconds! ES File Explorer Apk also comes with many varied features which will be explained in detail as this blog progresses.

Benefits of ES File Explorer

Benefits of ES File Explorer

  • Sideload third-party apps via direct link (premium subscription required)
  • Effective managing your files just like using a PC
  • Remote managing options
  • Compress, extract, and encrypt files
  • Edit text files easily
  • Freely transfer files between Bluetooth-ready devices
  • Clear RAM and kill unnecessary tasks in a single tap
  • Delete junk files
  • Enable root explorer for rooted users
  • Unlock more features with Explorer pro
  • Download your ES Explorer Pro completely free
  • Sideload third-party apps using a computer
  • Clean up FireStick storage by deleting unnecessary files, such as unused APKs
  • Transfer files between FireStick and computer
  • Connect to cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. (this function is currently not working)

How to install ES File Explorer

How to install ES File Explorer

  • Go to the home window
  • Click on the Search tab.
  • Type the name of the app ES File Explorer. When you have typed a few letters, ES File Explorer will appear in the suggestions. Click it.
  • Click the ES File Explorer Apk icon on the next window.
  • Click Get or Download (depending upon what you see).
  • Wait while the app is installed.
  • Click Open to run the app OR you may run the app later from the Your Quick Shortcut Maker 6.0 Apk For Android App & Channels section.
  • Go to the home screen and click on the Settings Gear icon.
  • Select Install unknown apps.
  • Click on ES File Explorer to turn it on.

Download ES File Explorer APK

App Name ES File Explorer APK
File Size 20 MB
Developer Name GreenSoft Infotech
Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
Latest Version

Is ES File Explorer safe?

Android file explorer ES File Explorer Apk has been at the center of many in-fighting controversies in the past few months. Google suspended the app from its Play Store last year and now, the Indian government is working towards banning ES File Explorer in the country.

How to Use ES File Explorer APK on Your Android Device

How to Use ES File Explorer APK on Your Android Device

After installing ES File Explorer Apk, launch the app and tap “Start Now” to accept the privacy policy and terms of service. There are a lot of features open to you immediately once you make it to the home page, such as exploring hidden files or renaming your files by organizing them in one category or another.

You can search for files associated with the names of people, documents, or even other apps on your Vivo Mobile phone. A really neat feature that expands upon the level of accessibility my favorite apps can achieve.


Tap Premium to remove ads, unlock custom themes, and enjoy more extra features.

Local File Management With ES File Explorer

Local File Management With ES File Explorer

From the Home screen, tap How To Join Pinterest and go to Local to reveal a list of options. When you’re inside the folder view, you can switch from a grid to a file listing with Group by type enabled in your options and expand or collapse the entries.

Tapping into one of these folders will take you down one level of subfolders for that group. For example, if all music is stored in My Documents\Personal Media\, this path will take you down into all three subfolders for files and nested files inside each subfolder.


Below the top menu bar is a breadcrumb trail that shows the hierarchy you’ve traversed to reach the current folder. Use these tabs to go back to previous folders.

How to Move Folders

How to Move Folders

To start moving files around, select a file/folder by tapping it. You’re then able to Cut, Copy and Paste as you’d expect with a desktop file manager. Tap Done in the bottom-right corner to reveal additional options including Sharing Files via LAN with Other Users, Compressing Files (to shrink their size), and Encrypting them (so that only people with access to your key can read them).


Select Library under the Home menu to see your data sorted by file type rather than location.

ES File Explorer APK Features

This app is a great file manager with a multi-tasking twist! Features like this are not just essential in today’s modern market but they make our project stand out from the crowd. You can share whatever you want with family, friends, and even the whole world if you want to.

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This app is also capable of decluttering your phone by eliminating duplicate or unwanted files. We think you’ll find that this is the ultimate tool for getting organized and sculpting one’s home screen content according to their needs. In other words, that clutter is no longer an issue.

File manager and Space Analyzer

Some people take for granted that a smartphone has a file manager already installed. But not everyone knows about this built-in tool to manage one’s files with ease. Sometimes you need to insert an SD card into your mobile device, which opens up several more possibilities as it gives you access to pictures and other kinds of files, besides just being able to manage your music and videos.

Application Manager

Es file manager contains a built-in application manager. As the name suggests, this app manager enables you to properly analyze and manage the size of different apps on your mobile device. Aside from this, it also assists you in removing unnecessary junk files associated with previously removed applications and even helps to remove duplicate contacts as well.

In-Built File Manager Tools

The File Explorer by ES is a sound device and you can use it to back up different kinds of documents effortlessly. It likewise has keeps running of an incorporated Audio/Video player which helps the clients to utilize this player to play sound recordings that are spread around the gadget that can be utilized with the assistance of File manager by ES.

Progressed options

In addition to the application, ES File Explorer apk (or ESExplorer) can also be used as a tool for controlling components. You can upload and download records from third parties using FTP or WebDAV in ES File Explorer.

In the event of your phone being made, you can use ES Explorer to control framework reports and applications at that time. You can likewise utilize the ES File Explorer word processor to edit text records utilizing outside applications.

Distributed storage

There are different ways to do this. But one of the most secure and reliable methods is with an app like ES Explorer that handles the process easier by automatically uploading it to your shared drive when you select either your Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive accounts. Once you’ve done that, you can log into the app with that same account and simply select what content you want to access immediately.

Download Manager

ES File Explorer’s download manager is great for downloading things on the go! It has a remarkably handy “pause” option perfect for those times when you need to step away from your computer (go pee, take a phone call, etc.). Just choose ‘Pause’ from the drop-down menu to suspend your download and pick up where you left off in seconds.

Music Player

On your device, you will find the Apple Music Downloader. Scanning music and mp3 files immediately put them in so that you can listen to music without any interruption. With the help of ES File Explorer, you can do that not only with local files but also with remote resources!

100 % Safe and Secure

Although this application is downloadable from the Google Play Store, it is not guaranteed safe for use. There are a lot of apps out there that are not available on the Google Play Store but are used by a large number of people who wish to download them rather than coming through the Google Play Store.

The same goes for this application, and without worrying too much about where you’re downloading it from, you can be sure that it will deliver what you want in an app of its type. Be careful with the locations that may provide downloads to ES File Explorer APK files because some may be unreliable and potentially unsafe to access and use.

Access all your files from one app

With ES File Explorer apk, you can easily find the files you need. You can scan the folders manually, or use the search bar to type in keywords that describe the file name you’re looking for. Aside from presenting these important files as easy-to-access folders, your operating system just wishes it could have access to some of these files like system apps.

However due to security reasons (and developer mishaps) combined with security risks involved with allowing users to gain such access, your OS is unable to do so – but ES FE lets you do so.

An impressive feature of this file manager is its built-in download manager capability. It offers support for some of the most popular cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

This lets the app access your files and moves them between your device storage and your cloud storage without the need for another third-party application. Right within the same app, you can directly check and move files from local to online locations without having to go through a third party to extract their contents on a separate location.

While this alternative lets you view these files directly unless they are password-protected, you can also create your encrypted compressed files within the app by moving files into a new ZIP or RAR file.

Use at your own risk

The biggest issue with ES File Explorer apk is that its developers have been caught using the app for click fraud. This means that without the user’s knowledge, the app clicks ads that generate revenue for the developers. It led to the removal of the app from the app stores and whether this feature has been removed or not remains unanswered.

Works but with setbacks

ES File Explorer apk is an app that lets you locate and manage your files in a variety of ways. For example, it supports activities like one-click sharing for cloud storage as well as local file transfer between devices.

However, even though the app comes with a slew of features that’ll help you navigate through different directories on your computer, it does get bogged down by intrusive ads that detract from its effectiveness. We don’t recommend this app for our readers unless they can tolerate having their experience marred by annoying pop-ups.

How to Access Cloud Accounts With ES File Explorer

To manage your cloud storage accounts in ES File Explorer apk:

Access Cloud Accounts With ES File Explorer

To save an image to the cloud, tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and scroll down until you find Cloud Drive. Select it from the list and then choose a specific file which will automatically open into an editing page. Make your edits and when finished hit saves again.

Log in to your Google account to connect it with Google Drive, or use a different cloud drive by referencing the methods of logging in from OneDrive,, or Dropbox.

It takes just a few minutes to sync all of your cloud services and get to work. Here you’ll find folders that represent each of your cloud services, and if you sign up for additional ones (for example, iCloud or Box), they will show up as well.


It’s possible to copy or move files directly from one cloud service to another from within ES File Explorer.

Browse the Network With ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer apk has a variety of tools allowing you to connect via the cloud. However, they also have an extensive feature set that gives you control over your local network. Under the Network tab in the main menu, you’ll encounter these options:

  • LAN: Connect to Windows file shares on your local network.
  • FTP: Connect to regular FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV servers.
  • Android TV: Browse files on your TV.
  • Bluetooth: Browse or exchange files with other devices via Bluetooth.
  • View on PC: Start an FTP server on your device so that you can enter the URL into a desktop client and access your device’s files.
  • Net Manager: Control Wi-Fi connections, or create a hotspot on your device.
  • Sender: Drop files to other devices running ES File Explorer on the same network.

ES File Explorer’s Tool & Utilities

ES File Explorer's Tool & Utilities

The app contains some extra features under the Tools menu:

  • Download Manager: Enter a URL and filename to begin downloading a file.
  • Music Player: Play music in the background.
  • Cleaner: Scan for trash files, obsolete APK files, ad content, and unnecessary downloads you can delete from your device.
  • Note Editor: Create plain text notes using a basic editor.

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

  • Solid Explorer
  • Files by Google
  • MiXplorer
  • FX File Explorer
  • File Commander
  • Total Commander
  • X-plore File Manager
  • ASTRO File Manager

Is ES File Explorer malware?

If you choose to keep this app, you could risk your data being stolen by allowing for outside access to your operating system by breaking through any firewall programs you have installed.

It’s the equivalent of having malware which is known to be one of the biggest threats to computer users worldwide. Unless you’re a giant fan of downloading apps without knowing anything about their content or security, I’d suggest not keeping this one on hand (or anywhere near you)


  • Makes navigation easier
  • Manager capability for cloud storage
  • Support for compressed files


  • Click fraud issues
  • Incessant ads and pop-ups

The Bottom Line

We will continue updating this article with the new ES File variant, so make sure you keep coming back to check it out! There are lots of destinations that provide MOD APK for File Explorer, but we do not recommend you download it as it could be unsafe to use. If you’re having any problems with installing or using ES File Explorer for Android APK then you can contact us by commenting below.

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