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How to download the Facebook app

Open the Facebook app download on your Android Store iOS Stores and install it into your devices and click the menu icon (three rows) tab. From there, click “Settings and privacy” at the bottom, and then click Account Settings”. Next, click “Your Facebook App Download information” to list the available settings. If you don’t see it, you don’t know this feature yet.

Manage your personal data

Before managing your data you first need to double-check who can view the content of your regular Facebook app download profile. Press “Manage your profile” and the Facebook app download will take you to your profile. Under “work”, “education”, or “place of residence”, press the gray arrow, and then press “Share with” to change your privacy settings, generally you can choose.

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It allows anyone to view your information with or without a Facebook account.

Except for Friends

this allows you to restrict this information for certain friends by pressing yet gray pencil icon and then pressing the next to the corresponding name, press “Save” when finished.

I only

It prevents all other users from seeing the information.

Privacy setting

Under “Account Settings”, click “Privacy”. Depending on whether you are using an app or a mobile website, the layout of your privacy settings may be slightly different, but the main elements remain the same.

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Your Activity

Return to the main privacy settings menu under the event title, and you will see “Who can see your future posts” if you want the posts to be private “friends” or only me”. You can hide posts from the specific account by pressing “Custom” and then “Save” and enter a name in the “Hidden in” field. Facebook app download gives you the option to convert all posts to “friends” only.

Limit the audience of posts you share with friends of friends or the public

Tap then click “Limit old posts”, on some devices this option may return to the main privacy menu under “Restrict viewing of past posts”. While you are still in the main privacy menu.

Wo can see the people, pages, and lists you follow

If you want this information to be completely private “friend” or “only me”.

Timeline and Tagging

Return to the main menu “Account settings” from the Facebook menu Hamburger. From there, go to “Timeline and Markers” to adjust Facebook’s main functions, its settings are worth reviewing and there is an additional third option the help. This menu will change slightly depending on whether you are using an app or a mobile website, but the main element remains the same.

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While you are still in the main account settings menu, go to “Location settings” and click “Location” to make sure that the Facebook app download can’t access your location. Disable location permissions on IOS by pressing Location” and “Always”. On Android, use “location” to disable the next switch. Next, make sure to disable “location history”. As Facebook said, this setting builds a history of your exact location, which is the exact opposite of privacy. It also disables features such as “find Wi-Fi” and “close friends”, which can help you find free public Wi-Fi hotspots, which will show a Facebook app download friend in your area.

Public post

Public posts under account settings allow you to control who can interact with your Facebook app download posts and events. You can restrict who can follow your account and who can like or comment on your profile information.

  • Set who can follow me, “friends”
  • Set public post comments as “friends”.
  • Set public profile information as “friends’.

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