Fidelity Go

What is Fidelity Go

Fidelity Go is an automated investment advisor from Fidelity Investments. It relies on computer algorithms to create personalized portfolios for you with no minimum account required. The investment application was launched in 2016 and is suitable for investors who want to manage their investments on their own.

Account – Uses a mix of mutual funds – Schwab competes with other automated advisors such as Intelligent Portfolios, Vanguard Digital Advisor, and SoFi. But loyalty doesn’t just use automated technology; He also relies on a team of investment experts to manage day-to-day business account decisions. Secure investments are available online and on iOS and Android mobile devices. Keep reading to see if this is right for you.

Investment options with fidelity go

Automated investment management
Fidelity Go is best for passive investors who are not interested in actively investing or trying to time the stock market. This account is fully automated, meaning that the Fidelity Go team handles your portfolio and investment transactions for you. Although the minimum account size is not required (even if you need $ 10 to start investing), you can pay an advisory fee based on your account balance size. Fidelity Go has the following payment schedules:

  • Less than $ 10,000: $ 0
  • $ 10,000 to $ 49,999: $ 3 per month
  • $ 50,000 and up: 0.35% per year
  • Fidelity Go Personal, Joint, Traditional IRA,
  • IRA payment
  • And Roth IRA accounts. Manages Account Trading Solutions, Strategic Advisors, LLC, Fidelity Investments Company.

Account setup and user interface

Getting started with a Fidelity Go account is easy. The company will determine the appropriate investment strategy by asking you a few questions about your age, risk tolerance, investment goals, and more. And remember that you will never be tied to a specific investment strategy. Credibility allows you to change your strategy at any time. For example, an initial deposit of $ 300, a monthly installment of $ 300, a six risk profile (reliability risk on a scale of 1 to 10), an annual family income of $ 70,000, and a year of birth 2000 are allowed. Develop the following investment strategy.

The above portfolio is also retirement-oriented. Once you have chosen your investment strategy, you will be ready to fund your account and start investing.

How reliable is Fidelity Go

Fidelity Investments is currently rated A + by the Better Business Bureau. BBB ratings range from A + to F, so this is the highest score a company can get.

Other factors the BBB may consider include the type of business, time in business, licensing and government issues, and advertising issues. But the bureau also said its ratings do not guarantee that the company will perform reliably or well. This is why it is so important to take care not only of his research but also of yourself before moving on to an investment application.

How Fidelity Go Invests Your Money

Fidelity Go builds its custom portfolios from a list of six of its own free Fidelity Flex mutual funds. Wide variety of the USA Both global funds and the entire US market. In addition to your domestic bond fund, your portfolio may include a small- or mid-cap stock index fund. We appreciate the approval of US small and mid-cap companies that are growing faster than large companies despite high risk.

You will be provided with general investment portfolio information before you log in (dotted line) and fund your Fidelity Go account. Alternative portfolio options can also be accessed by clicking Explore Other Strategies under Featured Portfolio. In addition, each alternative strategy is shown below with two different market scenarios, the values of the projected potential income in medium and weak markets.

The platform lacks many of the diversification options available from competitors such as Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Betterment, and Wealthfront. Fidelity Go does not offer socially responsible funds, real estate funds, commodity options, or international bond funds. Investors looking for a greater variety of investments may want to consider alternative robot advisors.

Fidelity Go benefits

One of the big benefits of Fidelity Go is that there is no commission for investors with a balance of less than $ 10,000. Combined with the lack of a minimum balance requirement, this makes the platform an excellent choice for new investors.

Free Fidelity Flex mutual funds can save Fidelity Go customers between 0.05% and 0.18% on cost-to-cost commissions. When you compare the possibility of paying a 0.25% annual advisory fee and the additional ETF spending ratios at Betterment or Wealthfront, your Fidelity Goal balance quickly increases until it hits $ 10,000.

Disadvantages of Fidelity Go

Fidelity Go offers a few hours and a whistle that you get with other competing robot consultants. No account to manage cash and no portfolio setup. Account options are limited to personal and joint taxable accounts and IRAs. There are no trusts, custodial accounts, or 529 options on the platform.

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