GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android

GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android Mobile Highly Compressed

100 MB may seem like a lot, but in reality, it’s nothing.GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android is one of the first video games that took off and had an influence on games to follow. It’s also important because the early 2000s had some mixed reviews when it came to the game development community. While most realistically complaints only amounted to “it doesn’t look as good” or “it isn’t as bad as I expected”, there were rare cases of people complaining about decisions made overall regarding graphics, polygon count, and pixelated/digital downgrading for artistic purposes.

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It was so extreme that many people would even consider processing downgrading to be more wasteful than just playing a game at native resolution/frame rate with post-processing effects on some levels used as a band-aid for imperfections that could’ve been corrected with a better rendering engine and texture artists.

As mentioned above, Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a very popular game and has been downloaded by over 16 million people worldwide. To date, it has received an average rating of 4.1/5 based on 5800+ user reviews on the Play Store alone. Despite its huge success, GTA Vice City is not without its flaws though. At times you may experience bugs or glitches that hinder your gameplay in various ways. For example, vehicle textures may vanish, characters may disappear from the screen or even get stuck inside walls, etc.

The story of the game revolves around a character named Tommy Vercetti, who is the star of Grand Theft Auto. Vice City. He has been sent to Vice City to lend his expertise as a hitman to help guide an up-and-coming mobster, Sonny Forelli. His main goal throughout the game is to secure his spot among the top crimelords in all of Vice City. Players can unlock new cities as they complete 66 Main Missions and 21 Side Missions that are determined by Sonny Forelli.

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Game NameGTA Vice City
File Size100 MB
Latest Versionarm v7
CatagoryAction and Adventure
DeveloperRock Star Games
Required Android Version45. or Above
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To install this certain app on your Android phone, open the apk file with a file manager (such as Astro), and save it to an easily accessible folder. Then, transfer it to your phone, by putting it into a folder called obb or system, depending on whether you use Phone View or File View. Finally, press ‘Install’ when prompted by Astro or your file manager, and you are done.

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