Hero Rescue Mod Apk v1.1.25 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

Hero Rescue MOD APK Download v1.1.25 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

Hero Rescue MOD APK

Hey, everyone welcome to our site regarding mods. We are here with another game Hero rescue mod apk. When players start playing Hero Rescue MOD APK, they will find themselves without the heroine of their team who has been captured by villain Ceroi. This is a riddle scenario that has to be solved speedily to rescue her safely. And if all goes as planned, it will require the observation and anticipation of all possible circumstances on each level.

Introduce Hero Rescue MOD APK

They have access to various types of materials within nature at their disposal from the physics laws governing them carefully down to every material subject in between, as well as numerous types of means of social media like Instagram video download app, articles, and the like. In addition, future tasks will lose simplicity eventually and become more difficult and challenging over time.


Hero Rescue is a classic ceiling crawler formerly known as ‘Jumpers’ that was popularized to the iOS platform by Hero Games. The game features an array of levels and mini-games that must be completed in each level by moving a character through various obstacles and scenarios. By turning on/off default actions and selecting different characters, players can alter the outcomes of decisions resulting from playing Hero Rescue. As you play Hero Rescue for Android, the difficulty level increases making it imperative that all variables are properly analyzed before continuing with each scenario.


Sometimes in a game, you make a mistake during the game regardless of how careful you are during your planning and research before taking action. Maybe it’s because of the level of immersion that you are currently experiencing through the use of any equipment such as 3D virtual headsets.

If the enemy kills you or the princess companion, or you lose life or crown vitality – or even get to speak with her – then this means a loss for you, but fortunately for anyone who already purchased our product, we provide facility to revive (purchases).

However, if the equipment is faulty then it may not be recorded and saved; in which case, no amount of back button pushing will allow players to revive. In this scenario, our team has developed an ‘installation’ service to redesign/update products so that players can continue playing past their last life lost using this system.

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Tower mode in the game Hero Rescue is a unique game mode and offers players multiple directions to solve puzzles. Hero Rescue can be a competitive game where you’re constantly forced to outsmart your opponent by beating their high score.

In this puzzle game, stacked squares, circles, and triangles can be unlocked with just one click! Try playing Hero Rescue’s unique gliding system now!

Download Hero Rescue MOD APK v1.1.25 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

Game Name Hero Rescue MOD APK
Game Size 60.02 MB
Latest Version v1.1.15
Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
Developer Super Game Studios
Get it ON Play Store
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Hero Rescue MOD APK Features

Hero Rescue MOD APK Features


In Hero Rescue, the castle is separated into sections and the latch seals each of these sections. When a player removes the latch, what’s above descends by physical laws. Some parts of the castle contain treasures, monsters, or various traps including lava and water.

This means that it’s up to you to carefully evaluate what each section contains before opening it and keep in mind how you’re going to tackle them when allocating your hero/heroes for an expedition.

Systems of Control

The controls are almost as easy as finger painting just tap and swipe away to complete various commands, moving through each level with grace. It works without complications like a riddle in disguise – the test works itself out even more than you might have initially thought on a first impression of the situation.


Hero Rescue is a unique side-scrolling puzzler in which you use blocks and switches to level the land as you play. The game is best displayed on mobile platforms, and it’s one of the better releases I’ve seen recently.


The game focuses on pure puzzle-solving and the sound is very well invested. You’ll be entertained by pleasant background music and sounds that match the mood of each level for example the monster’s cry when it meets its end or the character’s cheerful yelp when it has found a hidden chamber with treasure inside.

All these imaginative details were reworked by the publisher to entertain gamers from start to finish. To decide whether you want this game or not all you have to do is check out the graphics, sound, and special effects as they are carefully selected to make sure that companies get their money’s worth of creativity.

Levels and Challenges

Amazing Games offers you numerous levels with many fascinating problems. Right now, 10 additional levels have been refreshed by the new form of Amazing Games, from simple to complex. However if each of them does not meet you adequately, you can try to solve the problems in the side mode. They are split between 10 levels of treasure, 10 levels of blocks, 10 levels of the tower, and 5 levels of the sword.

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MOD APK version of Hero Rescue

MOD APK version of Hero Rescue

MOD features

Unlimited Hearts

Patience is a virtue and there are very few people who are naturally gifted with it. After all, if there were, the world would be a completely different place! But we do have to agree that waiting doesn’t bring joy either so thankfully MOD APK has come to the rescue yet again with our latest release.

We will thoroughly solve this problem by allowing you to continue playing without decreasing your hearts after each time you fail.

Unlimited Coins:

You will have a lot of money to buy anything.

No Ads:

You do not need to watch ads every time you complete a level.

What’s New

  • 10 new typical levels have been added
  • Android 11 crashed on some mobiles
  • Execution optimization

How to install Hero Rescue MOD APK

  • Download “Hero Rescue MOD APK”. 
  • Install Download Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  • Open the Installer, and complete your process.
  • Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  • Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.


Final Words

The Hero Rescue MOD APK is a casual game that I’ve found quite interesting. It is a puzzle game of skill and luck which makes it appealing to children, but difficult enough for parents to enjoy. The premise of the game is straightforward: you play as a good hero who must save his kidnapped princess. The gameplay revolves around moving through different levels overcoming obstacles precisely with the help of multiple moves and strategies. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn in each level and unlock new and harder maps.

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