Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money/Coins v4.8.0 (Anti-Ban)

Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money

Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money

Hello everyone. We’re back with another Fromask.com article Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money and today it’s going to be all about a popular mobile game – Hide Online. For those who are still new to this game and haven’t tried it yet, let me give you some background info. This is an MMORPG action-survival game influenced by free-to-play F2P concepts developed and published by ARTILIUM GAMES INC. The graphics style is western and contains elements of RPG games like Skyrim. Set in a medieval fantasy world, the game allows the players to become professional assassins which they can either join or create guilds where they can trade items, etc.

Game Overview

You won’t find “Hide Online – Hunters VS Props” on your Xbox, PS3, or Wii. Instead, this mobile app has to be installed via the Android Play Store, and within the first week of its release, it attracted more than 1.3 million downloads from users in more than 100 different countries. For any gamer looking for something different and fun to play, with a little bit of spin on that classic childhood game of Hide-and-Seek, this game fits the bill perfectly. Users can not only compete online against other real players but they can also interact with friends and strangers via in-game leaderboards and real-time chat options as well.

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Hide Online Mod Apk Unlimted Money Features

Hide Online Mod Apk Unlimted Money Features

Unlimited Money/Coins

Endless amounts of cash are the first and most coveted item you will receive from downloading Hide Online MOD APK. The game can be played on all smartphones using this application, and you can forget about internet fights! You will receive no gold for completing these fights because they’re much too time-consuming. However, using a gaming tool such as this MOD APK will allow you to spend your time experiencing much more fun, like buying all the items that you could ever need without worrying about the cost.

Moreover, since gold coins won’t run out once the application is downloaded, you can use them to buy packs containing skins or weapons. You may even decide to purchase not one but two of these cards to list both taunts! This way your opponents will know what they’re up against and will do everything they can to win.

Online Adds

There are a lot of aggressive advertisements alongside the Hide Online game. So, if you’re downloading the official version by the developer, then you need to become accustomed to unwanted and annoying pop-up ads which cannot be blocked on your device. Anywhere else, you can download our mod version of this game which is 100% promoted advert-free. To make your gaming even more comfortable get Hide Online MOD APK for it and be amazed by all its features.

Hunter vs Props

It’s an exciting new model. In this mode, players will be compelled to act as their character and try to remain hidden, while Hunters will be given the means (and opportunity) to discover them.

Hilarious battle

As a Hunter in this expansive co-op mode, your instincts are invaluable. Not only do they help you strike as fast as possible, but also Props may have been scattered so far apart that time allows only one or two shots on many levels.

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Vitality-Filled Online Game

Hide Online mod APK unlimited money is a fun and innovative strategy game. It takes the classic hide-and-seek game to the next level with tons of cool new props to disguise yourself while hiding from your opponent. One of my favorite things about this version of hide-and-seek is the element of surprise. In most versions, the seeker chooses their prop to hide before beginning their search for the hidden player(s). 

How to Install

  • On your Android phone go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.
  • Download this application from the above link.
  • Locate the application in the storage of your android.
  • Click on the app icon and then you have to install the Mod Apk.
  • You can now enjoy the Mod application.

Download Information

Game Name Hide Online
File Size 54 MB
Publisher  Hitrocks Games
Genre Action
Latest Version v4.8.0
Android Version 4.5 or Above
MOD Information Infinite Ammo/Grenades/God Mode
Get It On PlayStore ( Official )
Click here to Download Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money


Final Words

In the Hide Online MOD APK Unlimited Money game, there is a possibility to get all of your desired resources. The income levels in this game are also very high. The risk of getting detected while hacking will decrease as you advance in this game. Also, we plan to add many new features to this game that will make it better than other games like it. For this reason, we would like gratitude from our readers for sharing this article with the people they know so they can also try our themes and MOD APKs out.

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