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Hungry Dragon MOD APK Download v3.12 Unlimited Gems and Money

Hungry Dragon Mod APK is the perfect game to feed your mythical snake and make it grow. Your progress through a variety of environments during your adventure, including airports, timberlands, monasteries, and more. As you go through each level, you’ll be able to discover 15 various types of mythical monsters that can become passive members of your household.

Just like your serpentine pet, these monsters will have unique characteristics and abilities. They will also let you customize their appearance by donning unique shirts or other accessories that you can buy over time as you play the game. Your winged snakes will want to eat some giant lizards in-game after they get bored with just normal eggs.

I believe the mythical beasts to be one of the most exciting examples of mankind’s artistic expression. Despite our many differences and all the disagreements we may have about it, it is a creature that inspires awe among people from different places and cultures a universal symbol for faith, persistence, and imagination. We also see some parallels between its history as a figure in mythology as well as its role in modern-day societies as a symbol for protection.

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I don’t think anything else makes quite such an impact. The myths surrounding these creatures led to their inclusion in ancient artwork, apart from embellished images depicting imagined scenarios set during wars and conflicts waged by humans, there were also real-world depictions of dragons based on older traditions originating from Eastern civilizations.

Download Information

Game NameHungry Dragon MOD APK
Game Size129 MB
Latest Versionv3.12
Android VersionAndroid 4.4 and Above
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
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Thousands of mythical snakes can be revealed while you play the game. Each winged serpent has distinctive capabilities which make it ideal for winning a large variety of matches. So far, thousands of these serpents have been included in the game and each one brings something unique.

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Your mighty dragon’s in Hungry Dragon. The magnificent creatures have brought all their mythic 3D magnificence to the app store, displaying every single majestic feature you’d expect from them. This comes as no surprise seeing how the fire-breathing beasts and other mythical creatures were built with a foundation of marvelous components, giving them all the eye-catching splendor you could hope for. Gorgeous animations and flashy effects are like the fireworks and stuff that make this game hard to put down.


You will become a companion to a mythical serpent named Nibbler. You will come across an unknown land called Hungry Dragon. Nibbler is an unusual creature, who is most afraid and must eat everything in his path. He generally feels anxious and needs to gorge on big things, like birds, mountains, or creatures so small they can fit in his eye. Perhaps Nibbler could swallow an entire solar system in the blink of an eye.

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Hungry Shark World is one of the latest titles brought to us by Open hearts and has caused a big stir in recent times. The game allows you to become a mythical shark and get energy. There are many types of different sharks you can use as you roam the seas devouring fish, turtles, and other sea animals that are unfortunate enough to be in your way. Each type of shark has its features, brand colors, and characteristics that make each one unique with its special abilities. The HD graphics used in the game set a new bar for games with similar content.


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