Inbox Dollars App

What are Inbox Dollars app

Inbox Dollars is a company that connects brands with customers. It was founded in 2000 by undergraduate student Darren Cotter, who continues to be CEO today. After the epidemic, we all spend a lot of free time at home. And with inbox dollars, if you have an internet connection, you can convert that regular amount into cash.

To be clear, you cannot make much money by making random assignments online for Inbox Dollars, where you can drive for an Uber or lift driver or donate money to Door Dash or Insta Cart. But if you are looking to make some extra money from your comfortable bed, inbox dollars may be what you follow. Additionally, you can earn a $ 5 cashier bonus.

What Inbox Dollars app offer

There are various ways for customers to make cash with Inbox Dollars.

  • Read payment emails
  • Take surveys
  • Online shopping
  • Watch videos
  • Playing games
  • Participate in scratching activities
  • Try the offers
  • Use inbox dollars. Search engine
  • So much more!
  • $ 5 signup bonus

Inbox Dollars app will suck you up with a $ 5 sign-up bonus or “$ 5 free to get started”. To get started, all you have to do is enter your email address, create a password for the site, and then confirm your email address and you’re worth $ 5. Involve me. I provided my email address and $ 5 was credited to my account after verifying my account.

My list To-dos

After I signed up for the Inbox Dollars app, I finished my profile. This 10-minute work paid another $ 0.50. Inbox Dollars app wanted to know all the details about my life.

Do I have any medical conditions

 You have the opportunity to say “I don’t want to answer”. You have chosen many questions. Apparently, they use the information to match you with surveys. After you complete the initial profile survey, you are promoted to “Take another survey”. Without doing this, I went out of the box and picked up my list of Tasks to earn an extra $ 0.50 and complete it.


The last task on the list is, “Confirm your first payment email.” This is how you claim your extra $ 0.50 bonus. If you are not a junk mail fan in your inbox, you can unsubscribe after receiving the bonus. Click “Click here to unsubscribe” at the bottom of one of the payment emails. Next, adjust your settings so that you do not receive their emails. The good news is, getting paid emails can be helpful. For everything you confirm, you get progress towards Scratch & Win.


The whole process of surveys was frustrating. Inbox Dollars app sometimes provides me with unqualified surveys. Before passing one episode of Fuller House, I was disqualified for four poles. Survey providers look for specific populations. When I finally found the survey I could take, I earned $ 0.25. The scanning took about 10 minutes. At this rate, I earn $ 1.50 per hour. But it was $ 1.50 more than I could sit on my couch and watch Bridgeton. Eventually, I was able to complete two more surveys to get higher payouts. And when you are eliminated, you spin the “Billie’s Wheel” for a cash prize or a chance to make further progress towards the Scratch & Win game.

Cash offers

  • The offers page is even more promising.
  • 100% Free Offers
  • Find content
  • New offers
  • Club favorites
  • Get the money
  • Hiding money

In the mobile web version, there are some offers to earn $ 0.10 to $ 3.50 for downloading some free apps on your phone. If you want to give them your location data, you can earn $ 0.05 per scan when you scan specific product barcodes in stores. There are also offers from temporary jobs and finance of investment firms. For example, when we tested the Inbox Dollars app, they offered up to $ 150 if you signed up with them to become an Uber Eats driver. And they are offering $ 75 to new Stash customers.

Is there a fee

No, everyone on the Inbox Dollars app platform earns money by accepting payments from their partner brands every time they complete an activity. How can he pay cash to his members even if there is no membership fee.

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