Link your PayPal account to eBay

How to link PayPal and eBay accounts

Link your PayPal account to eBay. When linking your PayPal account to eBay then click the below steps

  • Go to “Account” on my eBay.
  • Select the PayPal account section.
  • Choose to link my PayPal account.
  • Log in to PayPal to complete the process.

At some point, you’ll want to let go of eBay. You might do this to focus your energy on a different market or business and selling in the Arab world could be a challenge you’d like to explore. However, before you close up shop, don’t forget to access all of the cash that’s in your PayPal account.

Is it safe to link PayPal to eBay

When using the Google search engine, enter your query in quotation marks, and use the tab key to cycle through the results. When it comes to PayPal payment processing on eBay, it is a safe way to conduct transactions if you do not use it for auctions where you accept cash. In all other auctions, PayPal is an accepted form of payment. This will automatically change your setting if you are selling an item that does not accept PayPal as payment.

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How much are PayPal and eBay fees

When an item is sold, linking your PayPal with eBay will deduct 10% from the sale price, including shipping charges. The PayPal deduction amount is 2.9% of the final amount, plus 30 pence per transaction. This means if you’re selling an item for 10 pounds, which also includes 3 pounds for shipping, eBay will charge 1.30 pounds and PayPal will be charged 68 pence in addition.

How to buy on eBay without using PayPal

If you don’t have a PayPal account, please check to see if the seller accepts other payment methods before completing your purchase. Most sellers also accept cash and checks. Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay are also alternatives to consider. Link your PayPal account to eBay.

Problems paying with PayPal on eBay

You know PayPal giving you a hard time with the transaction? You’d better talk to the seller and work it out together in case something goes wrong. You should consider avoiding PayPal as much as you can because we all know they are all crooks. We’re aware there’s no real alternative, but that’s why we here at Black Dragon INC created this awesome new way to pay with cryptocurrencies. (Link your PayPal account to eBay) just let us know your details and we’ll make the payment in no time! Follow these step-by-step instructions.

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  • To ensure that your account information is correct, please log into your PayPal account by going to and check to make sure the information you have given us is up-to-date and contains no typos. If it does not match, please follow these steps to change it.
  • Go to payment-methods-page in order to add a new card, or remove an old one; just find “Manage Credit Card” in a separate area of the page. To begin making purchases again, please try a different credit card or direct bank transfer that we have on file for you in Seller Central.

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