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NetGuard APK Download No-root firewall Latest Version

When it comes to protection, NetGuard APK offers a range of features that can be quite useful, especially if you’re on a metered connection. You have the option to activate the “download/upload feature” which allows you to specify applications and volumes of data. This is an excellent way, for example, to limit how much information your Facebook app is allowed to download during your billing period. Or maybe you want certain apps to be exempt from this limitation.

That’s still possible but we recommend being careful when playing with these options the whole point of NetGuard is that it allows different applications access as required so there’s usually not a reason not to trust them. Finally, you might also be interested in some other tools for managing your connection and data flow but this depends entirely on what type of device you’re using.

If you want to get rid of all ads and all the location sharing, just install NetGuard, which incidentally is an open-source application. It will give you root, so you can deny any unwanted Internet connection. This will undoubtedly help you conserve knowledge, save the battery’s power supply, and above all ensure your safety.

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The app has a simple window where you can see details about any of your programs with just one tap on it. You can unlock extra features such as real-time statistics transmission from every program using the Internet, and delete your history. By clicking the “Don’t allow” button, you disable applications from accessing network resources constantly.

Download Information

App NameNetGuard APK
File Size2.6 MB
Latest Versionv2.289
Android VersionAndroid 5.1 and Up
DeveloperMarcel Bokhorst
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If you install this app, all the apps presented in our system are differentiated and displayed fully. On the top, you have an option to disable Internet data and Wi-Fi if you enable it. You also have a chance to alter this configuration by pressing down your finger on any application, one to hinder the use of information and the other to hinder the use of WiFi connections. These options can even be handicapped if you choose to.

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Internet Manager

NetGuard is an incredible Android app for monitoring and restricting your network usage. If you are on a limited web plan, it can be very helpful to save you some data. This program is used as a control unit for parents who wish to monitor and censor their children’s Internet usage. Don’t hesitate any longer – set NetGuard today and start taking advantage of its amazing features.

Advanced Keys

Some of the features that come in NetGuard include Face Recognition for unlocking your phone, looking at your smartphone when you wake it up, and being a pervert to meander this application when the screen is off. If you pay for NetGuard then there are some cool highlights like the ability to block any VPN traffic and a whole bunch of Internet traffic from specific apps if you don’t like them.


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