What is One Touch Checkout and how do I use it

What is a One Touch Checkout

PayPal’s One Touch checkout system is an incrementally useful complementary service that allows customers to log in via their previous computer login instead of being asked for new credentials. This allows individuals to manage their accounts seamlessly and makes checking out quick, effective, and painless.

Why one-touch should be activated

Your PayPal account and you can now be better acquainted as we have activated One Touch for your account of which automatically logs you into your PayPal profile on the payment page and thus allowing for faster checkout. But it does not stop there, because this new feature has added the option to go directly to “Update your Details” with no more entering of personal and financial information required on checkout.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

So your phone was stolen? Don’t Panic. Give Customer Service a call and we’ll help you figure out what to do next. Quickly log in to your PayPal account and make quick adjustments under Settings.

Should I still launch One Touch for every merchant?

There is a one-time requirement asking you to authenticate and authorize the use of One Touch on the first merchant site or app with the One Touch functionality that you visit on that device and browser. If you use the same device and browser each time, you won’t be asked to log in on sites that accept PayPal. However, if you update your PayPal personal or financial information, we require you to log in.

How to activate a one touch feature

When checking out with PayPal on a device for the first time, you can select to stay logged in. This activates One-Touch for that specific device and browser. If you use the same device and browser, you will not need to log in again when shopping at websites that accept PayPal.

How to deactivate a one touch feature

Deactivating One Touch is extremely easy no need to delete your account and start over. Just log into your PayPal account, then click on the One Touch feature link (above our ‘Remember Me’ option). There you will select one of two options: deactivate for two weeks or deactivate for three months.

If I have problems shopping online, how can PayPal help?

PayPal offers everything from payment features to fraud management which can help you get the most out of your business. They also have a wide range of merchant services for secure online payments so you don’t have to worry about losing money when it comes to your customers. And their protection services will provide extra security that you pay nothing out of pocket in case any problems occur with your transactions.

Can I control which merchants are activated for one-touch?

Unfortunately, no. You are not able to choose which merchants you wish to be part of One Touch. Once you consent to One Touch checkout, you can stay logged in at any merchant if you use the same device and browser each time. If this is what you intend to do, then there will be additional security protections in place that deter fraudsters from using your PayPal account without your consent or knowledge.

Can I share my device or desktop with other users?

Unless you’re the only person using your mobile device and don’t mind potentially getting into hot water with someone who prefers to be notified when someone else is logged onto One Touch checkout just in case they may have done something you might not have been happy about, we suggest you log out of One Touch checkout before passing it along.

How do contactless payments work?

These days, safety measures have made it possible to have a way to go contactless or “touch-free” when paying for goods and services. Many merchants would like to use this option because it would take the responsibility of money handling off their shoulders, making life easier for them.

And consumers seem drawn to the idea too. It’s no surprise that several new payment systems are being developed each year! You need people in your team who are capable of putting forth ideas about new ways you can reach your customers or streamline your payments to see results you can be proud of.

Measure the growing popularity of contactless payments

Digital payment systems are taking over the world! According to a recent study by Pay serve, 64% of transactions made on contactless cards go through without any kind of delay or interference. These numbers are showing that consumers are happy with using this type of payment system.

In-store contactless payments are all the rage with consumers, and for good reason. While two-thirds of Gen Z and Millennials say digital payment options are a deciding factor in where they shop, nearly half of baby boomers (46%) and seniors (55%) share that sentiment as well.

Looking at different demographic groups from another angle—age versus income—shows contactless payments work for everyone. In fact, the number of mobile wallet app users who have a household income over $100,000 annually is growing.

Mobile wallets saved these shoppers more than $43 million at US merchant locations alone in April 2017—a year-over-year increase of almost 10 percent.5 Contactless payments also make shopping simpler by eliminating the need to carry cash or reaching into your pocket to swipe your credit or debit card – especially convenient when you’re out at night or if your hands are full Contactless payments are beneficial for a variety of reasons.

  • Added security
  • Faster check out
  • Safer for everyone

Tips to make the touch-free payment process easy for your customers and staff

  • Think about placement
  • Encourage customers to make contactless payments
  • Train your staff

Final Thoughts

Making contactless or one touch checkout-free payments is slowly becoming the norm, and we think it’s only a matter of time until they’re the only way to pay at specialty retail stores.

If you want to keep your customers safe, speed up checkout, and not get eaten by the competition because they went with a different payment method, you’d better make sure you have contactless payment options available as soon as possible.

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