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Online Photo Editor Change Background Image or Color (Free)

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Hello and welcome back to another article online photo editor change background. In this article, we’ll present you a list of some very handy online image editors which will allow you to alter your photos and apply effects to them. Every picture can be improved through photoshop and many other tools, but there are other applications as well, like Pixlr or Color Splash App which work in similar ways. They allow you to make minor corrections in your photos as well as combine multiple images by using painting or drawing features.

We want every one of our users to get the best out of our website so take a look at these photo editor sites too if you need more photo editing options at your disposal. Whether you need quick touch-ups or complex changes to images, these free online editors have got everything for you.

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Clipping Magic – Magically Remove Image Background

Clipping Magic is one of the better tools for uploading, editing, and sharing photos on the web. With this tool, you can re-edit your photos in a manner that would be impossible or impractical using other programs. You get to add text effects to your images, highlight parts of photos, cut out and paste into new areas and so much more. The tools available with Clipping Magic make it easy for anyone to create interesting and fun images from their collections.

How to use Clipping Magic

Upload an image and Clipping Magic offers you to convert your photo into a high-quality picture. All you have to do is, select the image given on the site and make some basic transformations on it. It will make your photo more impressive and get a different idea about what it looks like with new background. You can also download your modified photo right after you edit it in this editor.

If you click on the upload link, another page will be opened up so that you can add an image as shown in the image below by clicking the “browse” button. And then just click the Upload button but before uploading them make sure they are smaller than 3MBs otherwise they won’t be uploaded properly or may not look good.

upload an image from the file manager.


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Removebg is very popular and perfect for photo editing. If you want to edit your image then Removebg will help you and provide you a platform for editing so easily that anyone can easily edit their picture with the background change option. Moreover, those who are not aware of the online photo editors, also easily learn how to edit their pictures on the Removebg website because their customer service team is always ready to guide the users. The Instagram profile picture backgrounds or images are easily modified by this website. You just need to upload your picture, select a new background and save it, and be done.

How to change image background by Removebg?

Select an image from the file manager.

Now click on the upload button, then automatically change your image background.

PhotoScissorsonline photo editor change background

Many of us have been in the same boat. You take a photo that you think is otherwise great, but they haven’t realized that the background is truly distracting. There may be no way to improve an image without editing the background and replacing it with something else. That’s why tools like PhotoScissors exist – to help make changing an image as simple as possible by improving your experience and giving you control over what kind of results you get.

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Change Image Background By PhotoScissors

Now click on the Remove Background, then click on the upload button.

 The left part of the display screen is for editing, whilst the proper element presents the very last result.

You can either keep your background transparent or replace it with any color you want, like red or blue, for example. Alternatively, make every other photo appear in the form of a new background.


Picsart Photo Editor is the number one online photo editor. It allows you to choose your background for an image and also includes video editing options. With more than 100 filters on offer, it has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store. Here online photo editor changes the background, in addition to being able to change photos by adding photo effects, you can also modify the online photo editor to change the background of any videos professionally.

Change Image Background With Picsart Photo Editor

Click on the upload button and choose an image 

  • Click on the “Behind Person”.
  • Click on the “Use your background”.


Online editing of a photo is done on four such websites. We have also given information about how to edit photos online, which websites can be used. With the help of these applications, you can change your photo’s background very easily. You can add effects and filters to your image through these online editing systems. Removebg is one such website where you can do the best online photo editing. You should try these online editing services for minimal editing of your images.

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