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Historty Of Oppo Mobile

The Oppo mobile trademark was registered in China in 2001 and launched in 2004, since then, they have expanded to over 40 countries. In June 2016 Oppo mobile become the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, selling its phones at over 200,000 retail outlets. In 2019 Oppo is the leading smartphone brand in China and had the 5th largest market share in the world.


The logo will be in use until March 2019. Olly, the official Oppo mobile logo. South Korean boy band 2 PM has produced the song “Follow your soul”, as part of a promotional deal with Oppo mobile to launch their brand in Thailand in 2010. In June 2015, FC signed a contract with Barcelona to sponsor the Spaniards. Football club. Starting with the 2019 World Cup, the company will become the exclusive global smartphone partner for a league of legends sports by 2024 with year-round activation through three annual Oppo sport global tournaments mid-season invitational, all-star event, and world champion. Apps are downloaded from Android Store and installed on the device.

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  • Oppo F series
  • Oppo A series
  • Oppo Find series
  • Find 5
  • Find 7
  • Find X2
  • Find X3
  • Oppo N series
  • N1
  • N3
  • Oppo K series
  • K1
  • K3
  • K5
  • Reno series
  • Reno
  • Reno 2
  • Reno 3
  • Reno 4
  • Reno 5
  • Oppo Ace
  • Headphones and amplifiers
  • Samart watch

Technology for people and the world

Technology for people and the world is our trademark. It drives our technological innovation. Technology is infiltrating our daily life and therefore technology is under threat. When we organize innovative research and development in the hope of bringing. When it comes to inspirational products and services, we need to think carefully. Technical ethics. As we expand our to achieve a portfolio and technological progress, we need to think seriously about the impact of technology on people with disabilities, minors, and seniors and the benefits of technology for the life and community of our clients.

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Smart manufacturing

As the world’s largest manufacturer, China has developed a national ” Made in China” strategy by 2025, proposing to transition From a manufacturing giant to a manufacturing powerhouse Item that helps. In response to policies, Oppo mobile has initiated intelligent manufacturing and operations with robots including changing processes and full automation to reduce human labor. We invested in the release of 600+robots, 100+automatic pressure maintaining cabinets, 250+automatic screw machines, and 60+automatic test lines with more than 2,000 frontline operators.

In addition, basic product data is collected, for analysis, it enables efficient manufacturing and quality improvement decisions and expands intelligent manufacturing capabilities. In addition to data-based manufacturing and operations, Oppo is optimizing on-site management through technologies such as IT and 5G including the introduction of automated stereoscopic warehouses.

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Privacy protection

Our long-term goal is to explore highly effective, customer-centric approaches to data protection and privacy. ISO 19600, ISO/IEC 27701, and SDM are widely recognized in Europe. The company installs version 2.0 for privacy management A standard system for the full integration of the above standards in our corporate activities, including personal data lifecycle management compliance management for risks, product user interfaces, and product operations construction of management processes and systems. We also use the services of a third-party auditor for us the standard system for complete security and privacy.

Expanding the Possibilities of industrial Ecology

Empowerment with technology means providing partners with intelligent end-to-end solutions including industrial capabilities, specializations, and general capabilities. Our partners have access to universal access services, we update our products and support manufacturers’ products to implement maintenance throughout the life cycle.

Since Oppo is a core component of brand-consumer market competitiveness, Empowering developers through marketing means supporting developers with brand competitiveness as well as resources and marketing plans creating products that make products more accessible to manufacturers and presenting marketing resources such as presentations. In the initial meeting input from color OS users to ensure significant product visibility.

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