Payment error

What does a payment error mean?

“Error processing payment, your order does not exist”. This is an important notice from the credit card issuer. A Payment error means that the bank has rejected your financial transaction. This is a kind of blanket denial.

Why is there a payment error

This could be because you’ve changed your credit card or for any other reason. However, even if the information on the payment page appears to be correct, what the payment management system does isn’t exactly about just sending money from one place to another. For the actual payment processing to go through, this needs authorization from both your bank IT systems and by the vendor, who are supposed to work together to make all of this happen seamlessly.

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What is a payment gateway error?

A payment gateway is a gateway error that comes from the payment system you are accessing. The transaction is verified over the WAN when you use a payment gateway to shop online from Android Store, Apple Pay Store. All transactions, whether online or in a store, must have a payment gateway.

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How to correct a payment error

Getting your shopping on the Internet is easy and convenient, but there are times when things won’t go as planned and you might run into difficulty when trying to complete an action like paying for items. Keep in mind that any problems with completing your transaction will most likely not be due to the retailer or company involved, but rather a problem that occurred during their payment processing stage after you selected to pay them for the purchase. Here’s what you do.

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