Paytm Customer Care

What is Paytm Customer care

Paytm customer care is a digital payment platform that allows you to transfer funds to an integrated wallet through online banking, debit, and credit cards, or even by depositing funds through selected banks and partners. With the money in your app wallet, you can pay for many items without using cash. Transactions you can make in the app include mobile recharge, metro cards, DTH cable, data cards, etc. as well as postpaid payments for mobile phones, landlines/broadband, electricity, water, gas bills, etc.

Also book tickets for buses, trains, planes, movies, hotel rooms, etc., and pay for Uber taxi rides using the platform. In addition, you can purchase goods on the company’s e-commerce platform using Wallet and also make offline payments to more than 8 merchants, Paytm claims. Paytm facilitates its users to contact their customer service team through its customer service hotline. If anyone has questions or complaints about their products and services, just call the following number: 0120-3888388 (toll-free) 9643979797

How does Paytm work

Paytm customer care works in two ways. One is the Paytm customer care Wallet and the other is the app Payment Bank. The app is a digital payment system that allows you to transfer money through credit cards, debit cards, online banking, and banking partners. By keeping money in your app wallet, you can pay all the bills without spending cash anywhere. It helps you in many ways, you make digital payments like mobile recharge, taxi payment, electricity bills, gas bills, ticket bookings, movies, etc. For this, you need to transfer funds from your bank account to your app Wallet. After that, you can use this financial process. Follow a few steps to create an app account.

  • Download and install Paytm account from Google Play Store.
  • Sign up for a app account using your mobile number or email id.
  • Transfer some money to app Wallet through your bank account.
  • Once the payment reaches the payment wallet, you can use the “Pay or Send” option through your application.
  • Once paid, sign out of your account.
  • There is also another suggestion made by app. Paytm Customer care can transfer money through two options. One is to transfer money from app Wallet to another app Wallet and the other is to transfer money from bank to bank.

The second option for the app is given to the Paytm Payments Bank. It works just like any other bank. Users who already have an app wallet account can migrate using a bank account. Later they can enjoy all the benefits they get in the wallet, they also get in the banking. It shows the increasing use of apps in electronic payments and electronic transactions by the public.

How to use the Paytm app

  • First, visit
  • If you have a smartphone, download the app for a better experience
  • Install & Open App
  • Register or login
  • You can register with any of your email address
  • After successful registration, log in to app
  • To use app features, you have to add some app wallet money
  • Use any given payment method to add money to the wallet
  • Credit card
  • Net banking
  • Automated teller machine
  • IMPS

How does Paytm make money

The wallet balance earns from interest. If you are a frequent user, you will add a wallet balance before the actual need arises. Interest on your wallet balance is the actual profit. In recent years, the app has given its own payment gateway to many operators, which is also a source of app revenue.

Paytm Market

Paytm customer care is the first company to set foot in India as a mobile-only marketplace. Today, with over 120 million buyers and 2 million daily transactions (and 90% prepaid offers), the app is the most lucrative marketplace for sellers. Paytm customer care Revenue from this subcategory is generated from vendors in the form of fees and commissions, which vary by product category.

Shipping services

App’s business model is just the time to have mobile phone recharge and bill payment services. Times have changed and online recharge services for mobile phone subscriptions, TV channel subscriptions, data cards, metro cards, etc. have been added to the app’s revenue model.


In addition to recharge facilities, customers can also pay for their electricity, telephone, water, mobile, broadband, gas, etc. bills in-app. Apart from these, Paytm customer care has partnerships with many educational and financial institutions and acts as a gateway to accept tuition fees and insurance premiums.

Digital gold

Paytm Gold Refiner has partnered with MMTC-PAMP to launch “Digital Gold”, which allows consumers to buy, sell and store gold digitally at no extra cost. Customers can deliver the gold to their homes by paying a small delivery fee. The app has full plans to make gold a safe investment in India and take advantage of it. There are big plans to introduce digital gold trading in the app.

The company wants its users to have what they call a Gold Bank account, which allows customers not only to buy and store gold digitally but also to use gold to purchase other services on the app – from recharging to paying utility bills or looking to buy shoes and clothes from Paytm Mall Movie tickets.

Paytm Bank

  • The app Wallet is not just a semi-closed wallet. The company was restored as a payment bank.
  • Payments Bank is a digital bank that can accept deposits and pay interest on deposits but cannot lend to its customers.
  • Like app Wallet, customers manage Paytm Bank using their smartphones. The app also issues debit cards with QR codes, which can be scanned at various points.

The bank allows you to open digital bank current and savings accounts without a deposit and pays 4% p.a on your current bank accounts. Provides savings bank account interest and overdraft facility. There are no restrictions on any type of transaction, but any balance of more than $ 1 lakh deposited will be transferred to Fixed Deposit with Partner Bank (which offers you 7% interest per annum).

What is KYC in Paytm

Any Paytm user who submits any proof of identity for KYC (Know Your Customer) certification is a KYC user. Currently, you need KYC verification to enable you to make any transaction on Paytm.

Is Paytm safe to use

Yes, Paytm is a secure payment platform and all its transactions are SSL secured with 128-bit encryption. Also, the app states that you should never store your CVV number for a credit or debit card.

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