Realme Company

Realme company is a smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Bejing, China. Realme is founded by Sky Li (Li Bingzhong). He is a former VP of Oppo. He founded the company on May 4, 2018. Realme is a subsidiary of Oppo a subsidiary of BBT electronics. Realme company launched its first mobile phone in China in 2010 called Oppo Real in May 2018, the first Realme mobile phone called Realme 1.

What phones does Realme make

Realme company has two main lines of smartphones, but that may change as soon as we enter. The Realme company has several smartphones in some regions, such as Narzo, Q, C, and V-Prefix devices, but they are not available globally, so we cannot go into details about them. first, the two main lines are phones like a Realme number line, Realme 7, and Realme 7 pro. These are affordable mid-range devices that rival the Motorola Moto G or Xiaomi, Readme lineup cheap, and delightful phones designed for people who want reliable devices without the best features.

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The Realme company is the “X” line of low to mid-range devices such as the realmeX2 pro, realmeX3 superzoom, or realme X50 company reports show there is another phone in this two-digit range. They have the best specs from the numbered lineup, and sometimes two premium features, but still have a lower cost. Depending on the specifications presented by the company these are devices of the upper and middle price segment or premium devices with high performance and high cost.

Realme smartphone battery

There are no special requirements for the first shipment. The battery is designed to operate in a wide temperature range of 16 0C to 25 0C the ideal comfort zone. Ude a non-standard charger, otherwise, you will not get the maximum service life at high temperatures. Charging at high temperatures above 45 degrees will reduce the efficiency of the battery and thus reduce the charging speed. When using the device in very cold weather, battery life may be shortened, but this is a temporary situation to prevent battery damage. Realme company smartphones automatically stop charging at ambient temperature and say “Temperature too low/too high, the battery cannot be charged”, “Status temperature too low/too high, no battery fully charged”.

Recovery mode on your real phone

In some cases where the phone is not working properly, restarting or shutting down, updating the system deleting data, you can solve the problems in the recovery mode. After turning off your phone hold down the power and volume down buttons until the phone enters recovery mode. You can download the software to your phone and then click install from memory, phone memory, find the downloaded software and start the update.

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  • Make a backup of your data before updating the system.
  • Charge your phone or keep the battery capacity above 40%.
  • System update takes 3-5 minutes, do not force the phone to turn off during the update.

Transferring data using a clone phone

A cloned phone can securely and quickly transfer all data including personal data (Contacts, messages, etc), system data (Apps and app data), and files such as audio, video, photos, and documents.

Does Realme have an App Store

The Realme link app has finally arrived on the Google Play Store and is now available for download on Android smartphones. Already support Realme link, Realme Air Buds, and Realme Band.


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