How to Remove Spigot Mac (Mac Guide with Instructions)

How to Remove Spigot Mac

Here at Fromask, we recommend you follow our blog to learn how to Remove Spigot Mac. Malware is a very serious problem facing Mac users, as it’s often hidden on ads and in pop-up windows. Spigot, an adware file disguised as an app that changes browser settings and sends out tracking cookies, can be one of the most disruptive forms of malware for macOS computers. The process you need to follow to spot and destroy Spigot manually or find an automated tool like Avast Security to help you remove Spigot from your computer.

What is Spigot?

What is Spigot malware

The malware family known as the spigot is an adware program that bundles itself with online downloads from supposedly reputable websites and can infect Windows and Mac systems. The official name for the Spigot adware is macOS:spigot-ay [pup]. It displays annoying pop-up advertisements in your browser as well as prevents you from changing browser settings.

Is Spigot a virus?

On the surface, it sounds awful to have your Mac hijacked by Spigot. However, this type of behavior is usually more predatory than malicious. Spigot is not a virus as far as computer infections go it would be considered annoying rather than dangerous. This is good news because in most cases, you can rid your system of adware very easily.

Keeping your Mac free from malware is an important part of ensuring its smooth operation since malware can cause all sorts of issues for users and adware rarely puts people’s personal information at risk unless they access sites that steal login information automatically (Remove Spigot Mac). Viruses, on the other hand, spread without any rhyme or reason and will infect absolutely anything they can get their hands on.

Spigot Overview

Name Spigot
Type  Adware, PUA, Browser Hijacker, Search Redirect
Risk level Low
Description Spigot is a fake search extension that injects advertisements of all sorts while browsing. Causing browser redirects to questionable sites.
Occurrence An adware-type program like extensions or fake tools already present in the Mac, Visiting suspicious websites causes browser redirects to questionable websites.
Possible Symptoms Deliver Fake Adobe Update warnings, installation of adware programs, Change browser settings, and display intrusive advertisements.
Detection Tool

Spigot is an adware threat targeting Mac users. Remove it with a reliable anti-malware tool. Our Experts recommend ComboCleaner.

How does Spigot get Inside The Mac?

The Spigot adware bundles itself alongside downloads from software download sites, so get in the habit of downloading from trusted sources going forward. If you have an infected browser on your Mac, look (Remove Spigot Mac) for a Safari extension called Amazon Shopping Assistant or an eBay Shopping Assistant extension, but these are simply trojan horse extensions and will do nothing but hijack the screen.

Adware is designed to show intrusive advertising on your screen, which is concerning enough – even worse, however, is that this adware most likely tracks data like the websites you visit and your IP address among other information.

How Does This Adware Affect The Mac?

The Spigot adware can be installed as an extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. It can replace the default homepage and issuer.

This is done to ensure that the search queries are loaded with sponsored ads, paid links, which are either of low or high quality. Another motive for such extensions is to run in the background and display unwanted advertisements.

Users may see pop-ups, coupons, surveys, banners, or video ads while browsing that offer deceptive downloads and purchases. Such add-ons may knowingly open dubious pages and even aggressive malware leading to severe consequences like identity theft or financial loss want (Remove Spigot Mac).

Being aware, the Spigot may collect various browsing data like:

  • IP addresses,
  • search queries/keywords
  • Site or URL visits
  • geo-locations and many more.

How to identify whether you’ve downloaded Spigot

If you suddenly started seeing advertisements on web pages that were completely unrelated to either the sites you were browsing or the words you had searched, you may have installed some form of adware (Remove Spigot Mac). And if your computer downloaded an application from sites like Softonic and that use proprietary plug-in download managers, that risk is even higher.

How to remove Spigot from your Mac manually

To manually remove the spigot from a Mac, you first need to go into your browser’s settings. In addition to putting your computer at risk for attack, a spigot can slow down your browser. What are the modern benefits of high-speed internet? If it’s not offering enough speed for you, you may consider signing up for faster service to (Remove Spigot Mac).

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Remove Spigot from Safari

To remove and uninstall Spigot from Safari:

Launch Safari

Click on the Safari menu bar and choose Preferences.

  • Click the Extensions tab
  • Use the Searchme extension to look for relevant products and services on the internet. This browser extension allows you to fast-track ordering your favorite products through Amazon. As an entrepreneur who works from home, this (Remove Spigot Mac) feature is particularly amazing as we can save time by having much less of a commute.

Choose the extension and click Uninstall.

  • Click Uninstall again to confirm
  • Quit and relaunch Safari

Remove Spigot from Chrome

To remove Spigot from Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Click the three vertical dots in the right corner of the browser window.
  • Choose More Tools and then Extensions.
  • Search for Spigot. Look for the following Spigot extensions: Searchme, Slick Savings, Amazon Shopping Assistant, or eBay Shopping Assistant.
  • Choose the extension and click (Remove Spigot Mac)
  • Quit and relaunch Google Chrome

How to remove Spigot from your Mac using a free software tool

Be sure to choose software from a reputable provider. Make sure that you only install applications from verified sources or authors to ensure their legitimacy; this will dramatically decrease the chances of your application containing malicious code.

One way to protect yourself online is by downloading Avast Security for Mac to (Remove Spigot Mac), which can hunt out threats and dangerous files on your computer like “pup.optional.spigot.generic” and other Spigot extensions. It enables you to scan external drives like USB sticks inserted into your Mac as well – completely transparently without affecting performance at all.

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Remove Spigot from Firefox

Today I’m proud to announce the spigot removal tool has been updated to support Firefox! This will make it easier than ever for users of all three major web browsers to improve their overall browsing experience by (Remove Spigot Mac) this pesky spigot from their browsers. Here is how to remove Spigot completely from your firefox browser:

  • Launch Firefox

  • Click the three stacked lines in the right corner of the browser window.

  • Choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.

Remove Spigot from Firefox

Select Extensions from the menu on the left.

Remove Spigot from Firefox

  • Look for an extension called SearchmeSlick SavingsAmazon Shopping Assistant, or eBay Shopping Assistant — all are Spigot browser extensions.

  • Click the three horizontal dots on the right of the extension and then select Remove.

  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 for any remaining extensions by these names to complete Spigot extension removal.

  • Quit and relaunch Firefox.

Remove Spigot from files and folders

To delete Spigot completely from your Mac, you should not only remove the extensions through your browser’s settings but also go through files and folders on your device to eliminate any Spigot app residues.

  • From your Mac desktop, click Go from the top menu bar.

  • Choose Go to Folder from the drop-down menu.

Remove Spigot from Files and Folders

  • Type or paste ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ in the dialogue box that appears.
  • Delete all files that include the name Spigot. For example: /Library/Application Support/Spigot/.

  • Repeat steps 1 through 4, searching these two other libraries: /Library/LaunchAgents and /Library/LaunchDaemons for Spigot files. 

What does Spigot do?

There’s an entire category of Malwarebytes Mac that depends on browser hijacking, using strategies like the one we’ve talked about in this blog post. Spigot, a dangerous program (Remove Spigot Mac) that has been recently created by hackers, affects users who have installed versions of Google Chrome or any other browser on their Mac.

For you to understand what Spigot is, it helps to consider all of the various malware that uses “browser hijacking” as a basic approach if you ever receive a warning notification from Google Chrome or another browser warning you of “MacOS: Spigot-AY” files, don’t panic because it means it’s time to do some spring cleaning.

How does Spigot install on macOS?

Spigot is often used with forgery software. Sometimes fake updates for a lot of applications are hidden in their installers, particularly these days whenever updates are released for such applications as Flash player or Java. An additional offer will be made to download something malicious. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to distinguish between those deceptive offers and the genuine ones, because they can be intermingled together within the same installer. Only when one actively looks at the installation process they can realize what is going on behind the scenes there (Remove Spigot Mac).

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Avoid installing harmful Spigot adware

Do not install Spigot without taking precautions first. Do not click the Next button without thinking – scroll through the specifics and keep an eye out for boxes that have been pre-checked for you. Always Remove Spigot Mac download software directly from the developer’s website, so that you can be sure it’s legitimate.

If a new Flash update is available, do not download it from pop-up boxes or links online. Be wary of torrents, as you never know whether there’s malware bundled with that movie or TV show you would prefer to be cautious than sorry.

Once you know your system is clean, Avast Security will continue to work behind the scenes efficiently by monitoring all further threats happening in real-time without slowing down your computer while ensuring optimal performance (Avast will make your life easier).

Top 8 Best Mac Cleaner Software & Apps

  • BuhoCleaner
  • CleanMyMac.
  • CCleaner.
  • Disk Doctor.
  • DaisyDisk.
  • App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  • OnyX.
  • AppCleaner


A new Mac app called BuhoCleaner has been put out by AlphaCode, and customers are thrilled! This Mac cleaning app seems to do it all; it takes out all the junk and bugs, cleans up the large files with duplicate items, and helps manage your startup items easily.

It immediately boosts system performance with the release of extra memory. Lastly, it supports more than 10 languages. What a great way to keep both developers and users happy (Remove Spigot Mac).


CleanMyMac can seem like a household name. You should be wondering why it’s not the first app you would recommend to your friend or family member assuring them it would keep their Mac in pristine shape? It does have ample features after all and performs excellently as far as keeping your computer running smoothly with minimal effort, but there’s more!


Although CCleaner is mostly used on PCs, there is special software to help out with Macs as well. When you go online and look up “Mac cleaner”, one of the first results comes from Piriform, who happens to be a leader in free computer maintenance software and whose name happens to sound a lot like the word “pirate” when pronounced aloud.

This program is stellar at speeding up computers by helping users free up storage space and managing their RAM capacity more efficiently. It also has other neat features such as protecting from (Remove Spigot Mac) internet browsing privacy by erasing unnecessary tracks both inside and outside of your browser history while giving regular tune-ups thanks to automatic updates it can perform behind the scenes without bothering you or clogging your bandwidth quota.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is an invaluable tool to maintain the performance of your Mac’s disk drive. The program (Remove Spigot Mac) thoroughly scans the drive for stray files and makes it easier to remove HD debris with one click! Although Disk Doctor tends to be a somewhat ugly application, it will make no serious damage to your computer files.

Another positive note is that Disk Doctor is not unassumingly difficult to use; in fact, most users will find themselves able to review and use the program without help from tech support or other professionals. For information on how this application works—without boring you—read our following guide.


We’ve found another disk space analyzer that you’ll love. This small, intuitive tool can quickly scan your disk and give you detailed information about its structure. In addition, it features a built-in QuickLook preview, so that you can find big files more easily and decide which ones to get rid of.

The best part is the collection drawer, which allows you to save any junk file temporarily so you can get it out of your way with just one click!

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Uninstalling an app from your Mac doesn’t completely remove all associated files. For a thorough and complete uninstall, App Cleaner & Uninstaller will display all files related to the program and then will erase those unnecessary traces on your hard disk, preserving the space for data that’s relevant to your use of the computer, like essential apps to (Remove Spigot Mac).


This feature-packed software is great for managing startup disks, structuring the system parameters, and optimizing the OS. Use this app to clean your Mac, delete cache and rebuild databases. What we have here are only some of what you can do with this trusted tool and there is more in store .


AppCleaner is a free app designed for Windows to uninstall any unwanted software. It helps you remove any unwanted apps without leaving any traces behind. The process is very easy: just drag and drop the app you want to delete into the tool and click on “Uninstall”. Its functionality is limited, though: if you’re only looking for freeware to remove unneeded files, AppCleaner can be your go-to clean (Remove Spigot Mac).

Final Verdict

Always download software from the official websites of their developers. Do not rely on links to Flash updates offered by those pesky pop-up boxes that may appear without notice, and don’t trust downloads in the torrent form either. Always remember that you never truly know what kind of malware may be bundled with this kind of file when it comes down to movies or video files.

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