Samsung Electronics America

History of Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Electronics America is a Korean company founded by Lee Baing-Chul in March 1938 as a grocery store. The company entered the electronics industry in 1969 and its first electronic product was black and white TV. Soon, the company began exporting its products and becoming a major electronics manufacturer in its own country. In 1970, the company acquired a 50% stake in South Korean Semiconductor.

Now, Samsung Electronics America is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components. Major supplier of batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory, and electronic products, such as hard drives from companies such as Apple, Sony, and Nokia. In 2017, the company surpassed Intel to become the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker.


In addition to assisting in the expansion of its products in medical technology, smart TVs, OLED displays, home automation, printing solutions, cloud solutions, payment solutions, and artificial intelligence organization, the company made additional acquisitions over the next few years. In September 2014, Samsung Electronics America released the Gear VR, a virtual reality device developed for the Galaxy Note 4.

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By 2015 Samsung had received more US patents than any other company and had received more than 7,500 utility patents by the end of the year. In 2017, Samsung Electronics received Government approval to test autonomous vehicles. Next year Samsung Electronics announced it would expand its renewable energy program and hire 40,000 people over the next three years. All Samsung apps are downloaded from Google Play Store and Samsung App Store.


Samsung Electronics America released its first full HD 3D LED IV in March 2010. Samsung Electronics America showcased the product at the 2010 international consumer electronics show “CES 2010” in Las Vegas. In 2008, the company launched the power info link service followed by the new internet@TV in 2009. In 2010, it began marketing the 3D IV, while at the same time launching an upgraded version of the internet@TV 2010, along with existing news, weather, stock market, YouTube videos, and movies.

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In fall 2017, they left the printer business and sold their HP printer division. In 2010, the company introduced the world’s smallest monochrome laser printer ML-1660 and color laser multifunction printer CLX-3185.

Samsung Electronics America introduced a wide range of digital cameras and camcorders, including the WB550 camera, the ST550 dual LCD camera, and the HMX-H106 full HD camcorder with 64GB solid-state drive. In 2014, the company was ranked second in the field of mirrorless cameras. Since then, the company has focused more on high-end products. In 2010, the com[pany launched the next-generation NX10 interchangeable camera.

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Market share for major products

  • Active matrix OLEDs 98%
  • LG display 26.7%
  • DRAM 49.6%
  • SK Hynix 24.8%
  • NAND flash 42.6%
  • Toshiba 27.7%
  • Mobile phones 34%
  • Apple Inc 13.4%
  • Lithium-ion batteries 18%
  • Sanyo 20%
  • Solid-state drives 46.8%
  • SanDisk 12.7%
  • LCD monitors 18%
  • Digital cameras 11.8%
  • Sony 17.4%

Management & Board of Directors

  • Choi Gee-sung (Vice Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer)
  • Yoon Ju-Hwa (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Tim Baxter (North American Branch President of Samsung Electronics)
  • Jonathan Stewers Lead (Mobile designer in North American Branch)
  • Robert Bordeaux (Developer Recruitment inNorth American Branch)
  • Yoon Dong-Minn (Lawyer, Kim& Chang)
  • Lee Chi-Wong (Professor of Economics, Sungkyunguan University)
  • Lee In-Ho (Advisor, Shinhan Bank)
  • Park Oh-soo (Professor of Business Administration, Seoul National University)

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