Simcity BuildIt MOD APK

Simcity BuildIt MOD APK v1.39.2.100801 Unlimited Simcash/Everything

Simcity BuildIt MOD APK provides you with a 3D world that lets you immerse yourself in this new way of living. You’ll be able to have the potential to manage everything from the city’s finances to its growth and taxes as well, so this will give you complete reign over how it expands. With extraordinary sound design and high-definition graphics, these vivid landscapes allow you to experience a touch of the reality that this new game can provide.

There are no commercial interruptions or anti-virus tools so if there are any issues then please contact Electronic Arts directly using the information posted online by them which could be found on their website. This game is similar to the original SimCity BuildIt. Since it was released on Android, many people have enjoyed this new and improved version. With unlimited cash, you can take care of what you need to develop your city and keep the city satisfied through using this unlimited cash that will aid you in building more important buildings, like new hotels, churches, banks, schools, hospitals, and more.

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When you do all this work for your residents who live in your city, you are also making sure that there is a good quality of life for them with all of the public parks and places they can go like saloons or even public schools to help continue growing as a nation. Sometimes it takes these types of games to help us realize just how lucky we are compared to some of our neighbors around the world while helping us gain skills along the way if we decide to use our time playing this kind of game wisely.

Download Information

Game NameSimcity BuildIt
Game Size119 MB
Offered ByElectronic Arts
Current Version1.39.2.100801
Requires Android4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Build Your own City

As a mayor of ‘Simcity BuildIt MOD APK,’ your mission is to develop and grow the metropolis to new levels, attract more inhabitants, and invest in several different projects. The player may also be designing buildings to distribute everything for citizens. SimCity BuildIt introduces an intuitive controls mechanism that’s flexible and ambitious than other video games and entertainment.


Simcity Buildit is such a fantastic game and you can easily find it in the Google Play marketplace or App store. Earsasoft put a lot of hard work into designing this game because it has an impressive design with high-quality graphics. One thing that makes this game so great is its zooming effect. The developers have taken full advantage of the mobile platform by adding a 3D view from the air of your virtual city.

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However, not only does the game look amazing but there are several different components to Simcity BuildIt MOD APK to play around with such as playing over different seasons or turning them on and off by sliding open your menu. The best part about this game is that besides being easy enough for anyone to play and enjoying focusing on making your population happy, you can also directly interact with other people via chat so you always have somewhere you can go when bored or simply want some company.

Different Building for the City

It seems like your city is falling behind when it comes to keeping things steady and successful. The residents don’t seem to enjoy the facilities that you’ve given them, and their levels of satisfaction are decreasing. Perhaps you should listen to what they want regarding the city improvements that should be done first.

Furthermore, many businesses wish to place themselves in your city and make an investment there as long as they see a profit from working with you. If you can attract these businesses into making investments, then your fortune will increase as well. It’s great that the game helps one learn how to manage a community because this kind of ability carries over into real-life scenarios later on.

Currency System

Simcity BuildIt MOD APK is a free-to-play strategy game in which you supervise your city and make it thrive financially. It offers 4 different currencies that you can use to upgrade your buildings instantly. Simcash is the classic currency of the game, but it is also possible to earn some money by increasing exports or trading with other players. Simcash can be used to buy cash. You can also win Simoleons as prizes when you complete transportation orders and disasters or when you win a major election.

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Gameplay Screenshots

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