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Texas Life Insurance Review

You can learn more about Fromask.com’s independent research and recommend the best services. Texas Life Insurance review, Texas Life Insurance Company, we only sell voluntary permanent coverage to employers. That’s why this isn’t the company that we recommend to individuals who are looking for an employee life insurance policy. The coverage options are extremely limited and it is also difficult to access detailed information about the plans online.

Available Plans

Texas Life Insurance Company sells permanent life insurance. Because Texas Life is not a mutual company, it cannot pay dividends to its policyholders. As mentioned in the definition of “permanent” above, permanent life insurance policies (as opposed to term policies) are paid up throughout their duration, they last as long as a person chooses to keep the policy active by paying the premium. The two types of permanent life insurance that Texas Life sells.

Whole Life Insurance

When you’re looking for a life insurance policy, your goal is to make sure that the beneficiaries of your estate are taken care of. With Texas Life’s whole life insurance, you get coverage that lasts for your lifetime and beyond. This policy includes level premiums and a cash value component that grows at a fixed interest rate of 3%. Once the cash value balance reaches a certain amount, you can withdraw some of the money and use it as a personal loan. If you surrender the policy, you will automatically receive the cash value funds less any surrender charges.

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Universal Life Insurance

Texas Life Insurance offers a universal life policy to customers between the ages of 17 and 70. This plan has a cash value that can be increased or decreased as needed, guaranteeing coverage until you reach age 121. You may borrow from your cash value or use it to adjust your premiums. Like other universal life plans, Texas Life’s universal policy offers permanent coverage but allows for flexibility, unlike whole life insurance offerings.

Available Riders

Texas Life offers a handful of cool ways to make your life insurance policy even more exciting.

Terminal illness rider

Texas Life’s Terminal Illness rider offers its policyholders an opportunity to access 92% of their policy’s death benefit, which can be used to cover the cost of living-related expenses throughout the end-of-life experience. However, there is a $150 administrative fee in most states if you use this rider.

Waiver of premium rider

Anyone from age 17 to 59 can take advantage of this rider. The waiver applies if you become disabled for 180 days and cannot work. The premiums will be waived during those 180 days as well as money refunded for the full amount that was paid during the 180 days before becoming completely disabled. The policyholder must not be confined to a hospital at the time of application, nor have had any hospital confinement within 180 days before applying, nor have been confined to a hospital more than 6 months over the last 2 years before applying.

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Accidental Death Benefit Rider

The accident death benefit rider is for young adults who are concerned about their mortality. This rider doubles the policy’s death benefit if the policyholder dies within 180 days of the policy taking effect. There isn’t a certain age requirement in California, Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, North Dakota, and South Dakota. In California, however, people must be under 60 years of age to qualify for this option (texas life insurance review).

Complaint Index 

Take! Texas Life is working hard on serving its customers in the best way possible and improving customer service day by day. In 2020, 0.11% of the company’s customers reported a complaint to the NAIC’s Company Complaint Index. That’s one customer per year – compared to their industry average of 1 person per week! This makes Take’s performance in 2020 even better than before, all of the problems were fixed to their customers’ satisfaction and they haven’t had any complaints since 2018.

Third-Party Ratings

Although Texas Life is a smaller life insurance company, it doesn’t have as many third-party ratings as its much larger industry competitors. Texas Life has an impressive A+ financial strength rating from AM Best. This means that the company is both economically and financially capable of repaying its policyholders in full after a covered claim. Because of this, it’s not scored in 2020 J.D. Power’s life insurance study which evaluates the 14 largest life insurance companies in the United States on their overall customer satisfaction from consumers and how likely they are to recommend their provider to others. The criteria used in the study comprise factors like communication, interactions with agents, price, and product offerings respectively.

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Cancellation Policy

Since you can cancel your policy at any time, keep in mind that there could be a surrender charge. If your life insurance policy has been in force for less than one year, there will be a $75 surrender charge. If your policy has been in force for over one year but less than three years, the surrender charge will be 5 percent of the cash value (texas life insurance review).


Life insurance premiums are different for every person. This is because sometimes people have to pay more if that particular life insurance company knows they engage in risky behavior, like smoking. For example, a 20-year-old who doesn’t smoke would pay $27.13 each month for a policy with $200,000 worth of coverage. A 50-year-old who doesn’t smoke would be charged $67.63 each month for the same level of coverage. On the other hand, a 40-year-old who smokes every day can expect to pay $96.13 monthly for as much coverage as he needs (texas life insurance review).


When it comes to coverage, American-Amicable and Texas Life insurance reviews can be compared. Both companies offer some similar types of life insurance plans, while they each have one plan available through them that the other doesn’t have. Both companies sell their policies through agents, whereas they focus more on selling life insurance directly to employers (texas life insurance review).


  • Some online policy management capabilities
  • Good financial strength rating
  • Very few company complaints


  • Doesn’t sell individual life policies
  • Limited policy information on the website
  • Only a few plans are available

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