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TikTok Hashtag Challenge Giveaway Official Rules

The TikTok Hashtag Challenge Giveaway is sponsored by Block, Inc. and will be hosted on the Streaplabs App & website as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the “Platforms”). The winners of this Sweepstakes will be selected based on a screenshot.

Eligibility Criteria

The Sweepstakes is available to the U.S. and international legal residents, who are at least the age of majority in their state or country of residence as of the date of entry and have an eligible cash app account. Void where prohibited by law. Minors must obtain permission from their parent/legal guardian to enter and to redeem the prize.

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Sweepstakes Time

The Sweepstakes Period is one that both you AND your dog will be interested in starting at midnight Pacific Time (“PT”) on December 15, 2021, and ends at 11:59 PM PT on December 31, 2021, or until the Prize (defined below) is completely disbursed. That’s right – we said “dog” not “dogs!” We never miss an opportunity to point out that Prize Winners will be selected during the Sweepstakes Period.

How to enter

For you to successfully enter this contest, you have to have a TikTok account and an Eligible Cash App Account. Please keep in mind that there is no more than one entry per person, per cashtag, per giveaway unless otherwise specified. Don’t forget. You will also need to accept the TikTok TOS and privacy notice when creating an account.

Winners Selection

Enter today and you’ll be automatically entered to win a great vacation. You can’t lose.

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Winner Notification

Prizes will be given out directly to winners in the Cash App account of the winner who wins. A notification will be sent to the winner and he/she will have 1 hour to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed within that 1 hour, there are 5 back-ups in place before it is deemed unclaimed and all responsibility shifts over to the sponsor towards that specific prize, and they won’t have any further obligations.


Ten thousand (10,000) people will win $ 20 each (each “winner”).

The prize value includes taxable income and the winner is responsible for reporting and paying all taxes applicable at their place of residence (federal, state, and local). At the request of the sponsor, the winner will be required to fill out and submit any tax or other forms (excluding W-9 forms) as well as provide specific information to facilitate prize collection. Compliance with applicable withholding taxes and reporting required requirements. Per applicable law, sponsors may issue IRS Form 1099 (or another appropriate form) reflecting the value of the gift. Approximate retail value of all prizes (“ARV”): $ 200,000. During the entire lottery draw, winners can deposit their prize money into their cash app account at any time.

Liability Limits

Disclaimer TikTok Hashtag (see below for definitions) is not responsible for any of the following

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  • Stolen, lost, late, misleading, misleading, incomplete, damaged, incomplete, inaccurate or obscure registration, email, mail, sweepstakes any technical computer, Human or other defects related to printing, printing, sweepstakes or sweepstakes, defects related to the handling of sweepstakes, including the mailing of notices or letters, or the transmission, processing of entries, any prizes or any lottery related material
  • Any kind of technical failure
  • Unauthorized human and/or mechanical intervention
  • Human error
  • Any errors, omissions, interruptions, errors, or delays in transmission or communication
  • Viruses or mechanical failures
  • Errors in these official rules, spelling errors or typographical errors, any statements relating to the lottery or other objects
  • The network connection is lost or unavailable. The administrator is not responsible for electronic communications that may not be distributed due to any filtering or lack of space in the participant’s email account. If the participant’s email address, phone number, or other contact information is invalid or the participant makes changes without prior written notice to the sponsor, the sponsor is not responsible and may disqualify the participant.
  • If for Tiktok Hashtag any reason it is determined that the entry was accidentally deleted, lost or destroyed, damaged, or not accepted as an entry in the sweepstakes for any other reason, another entry in the sweepstakes is the only solution.

Rules and Winners List

For a copy of these Official Rules or a list of winners, send the Tiktok Hashtag Challenge Giveaway ATTN. Tiktok Hashtag, Official Rules (or “Winner List”) request, 1455, self-address, stamped # 10 business envelope to Market Street, Suite 600. , San Francisco, CA 94103. The terms request must be received one month after the expiration of the sweepstakes, and the list of winners must be received within three (3) months after the expiration of the sweepstakes. Residents of Vermont can leave the return postage to apply for regulations.

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