Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Download v4.8 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Hey everybody, welcome back to another post-Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK on our website Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK is a great third-party activity game that offers players a trip to Las Vegas. The central character will increase the criminal profession by carrying out various illegitimate tasks. The customer is going to have a huge arsenal of weapons, as well as many types of transportation, and an immense open world to explore during story missions. In general, this is a GTA clone that deserves to be focused on mobile gamers. In terms of the so-called subterranean round, perhaps the primary factor is the logo of Rockstar Games.

About Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

It’s known all over the planet and usually appreciated by players with the incredible highlights of GTA. To achieve this, Vegs Crime Simulator has misused the best game: Naxeex LLC. Everyone who knows how to benefit from a lucky break has been attached for quite some time, it used to have lots of downloads and many players say that they enjoy this game just a short timeframe following its release.

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Crime Simulator Vegas (MOD, Unlimited Money) allows you to live the life of a criminal in the exciting city of Las Vegas. It’s important to note that so far, no one has been able to reach out and touch this fictional character who doesn’t let criticism prevent him from taking hostages or scooping up cash by robbing banks.


There is no significant difference in the current gameplay of the Vegas Crime Simulator and Grand Theft Auto. The player will meet with a familiar photo of a person wearing some pants and a t-shirt with a blue flower, in an open road scenery that resembles Vegas. Player Characters fight openly, move, steal and destroy everything they encounter.

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Features

Unique Weapons

Vegas Crime Simulator is much more than it appears to be; even more than the name seems to imply. Let’s go over some of the features: you can use your imagination as no other game allows you yes, I read that right! Just imagine the weapon you want and then make it appear in front of you. That’s right! It has a variety of weapons that looks nothing like its competitors again. What if I told you that players can control a robotic suit, as well as other fun things like tanks?

Sadly enough, there are some drawbacks here. First of all, it takes a while before getting any interesting prizes; secondly, it runs in such a manner that makes one wonder if they will ever be able to shoot anyone with one of these fancy but useless guns. It seems everyone likes this game due to its complicated but appealing storyline and the fact that this entire thing started as an Internet meme some time.

Simple and accessible touch controls

First and foremost, Vegas Crime Simulator’s android version boasts very easy-to-use controls that can be customized however you wish. This allows you the freedom to explore the peaceful streets, commit crimes, shoot up gangsters and drive around in a variety of automobiles if it’s not your cup of tea. The smooth controls offer a wonderful user experience that is as enjoyable day or night across your Android devices.

Work your way into the gangster ladders

For those who are interested, Vegas Crime Simulator now delivers realistic and immersive gangster gameplay that will take you through a variety of entertaining adventures. As they move through the in-game tales and climb the gangster ladder, gamers must achieve particular missions and obstacles. Learn more about the mafia hierarchy as you gradually achieve respect and popularity in the city. Claim your spot by completing the most incredible criminal tasks. Defeat your opponents to become the city’s most infamous mafia clan.

Crime level

Since the release of GTA 5, controversial features have become the norm and Rockstar Games push boundaries farther still with its wild new world. The game gives you points – or badges – based on your actions. Doing missions for Lamar, Brucie and others will earn you Stars – but so will misbehaving. You can see at a glance how good or bad you are by looking at the stardom meter in the top left-hand corner of your screen. The better your behavior, the more stars you gain. If your online character is cleverly named Trevor Phillips, expect many an armed force to be knocking on his door very soon.

Freely customize and upgrade your characters

And, to ensure that you are better competent in fighting off your opponents, Vegas Crime Simulator also includes a plethora of upgrade and customization choices that you can use to further enhance your gangster. Begin by improving your Endurance, Strength, Accuracy, Driving, and Handling talents, among other things. All are required to improve your fighting capabilities and allow you to handle more powerful weapons and vehicles. As a result, you can simply swap between weaponry and deploy massive war machines to take on cops and rival gangs.

Awesome vehicles to ride in

And, while we’re on the subject, you don’t always need big tanks or military planes to play the game. Vegas Crime Simulator also includes a variety of intriguing automobiles that may be found across the city. Here, players may quickly obtain their favorite rides by simply locating them and robbing them from their owners in a gangster fashion. Have fun driving your extreme speed sports vehicles, roaming the streets in your stolen cop cars, getting on boats to explore the water rides, having fun with the great rides on your aircraft, and so on.

 Download Information

Game Name Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK
Game Size 90.64 MB
Latest Version v4.8
Android Version Android 4.1 and Above
Developer Naxeex Ltd
Get it ON Playstore
Click here to download

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