What does a PayPal payment status of ‘Unclaimed’ mean

What does a PayPal payment status of ‘Unclaimed’ mean?

 What does a PayPal payment status of ‘Unclaimed’ mean? Your payment might have been unclaimed for one of the following reasons.

I hope this message finds you well. Even though your recipient is already signed up with PayPal, he will still need to accept his new email address. He can do that by going to his profile’s security settings and following the instructions there. Once he’s confirmed the email, the money will be in his account shortly.

It may be that you have sent a transfer to this user but that he/she has not yet registered at My LSN. It’s important to remember that no money will appear in the recipient’s account balance until future actions have been completed by him/her. These actions can include confirming emails, registering with us, and other things. The recipient will see information about your payment and so cannot close his or her account for any time after receiving their funds.

On hold

We’re holding your funds temporarily because you disputed the transaction or we’re reviewing this specific aspect of the payment. In our next correspondence, we will address those concerns with you directly.


Funds have been returned to your bank account because the recipient didn’t claim them within 30 days. PayPal members can manually reverse unclaimed payments before the automatic 30-day reversal. Please see the sender’s profile to contact him/her and let them know you have received their payment. Contact Us.


The receiver didn’t accept your payment, and the money is not in their account. View the transaction details to see why your payment has been denied or contact the recipient for more information.

Why is my money kept in reserve?

Reserves may be something you come to expect throughout your relationship with PayPal. Depending on your industry or individual financial situation, reserves may never disappear from your account but don’t feel like that should discourage any hard work on your part. Reserves can be useful if the need arises and by acting in a way that makes them unnecessary you will also improve (What does a PayPal payment status of ‘Unclaimed’ mean) customer service.

When you’re an entrepreneur and your business is just starting off, it can be hard to get out of debt but one thing you can do to help yourself is focus on ways to improve your business performance. If you have been making improvements, then PayPal may decide to lower or remove your reserve as a result. So, if you’ve managed to overcome obstacles and now things are going well don’t forget to update us here so that we can take another look at the reserves attached to your account.

How can I check my refund status?

You can view the current status of your refund in your Activity. At the top of the page, click on the menu called “Activity“. Within that menu there are two choices (What does a PayPal payment status of ‘Unclaimed’ mean)one being called “Advanced Filters“, and another one being called “Refunds“. In order to view any past refunds, select the drop-down menu titled as “Refunds” and then select the desired time period for which you would like a refund review.

Once selected you will be given an extensive list of all past refunds that have been processed. Clicking on each refund from this list will give you details about them including transaction ID and other useful information such as whomever received or sent it and for what reason too. Those who are eligible for a refund on their credit or debit card purchases can expect to wait up to 30 days before their account is refunded.

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