Why Is My PayPal Account Limited

Why Is My PayPal Account Limited

Why Is My PayPal Account Limited. If your account is limiting, you’ll receive an email with the reason for that limit. For your convenience, we always explain how to remove this limitation in the Resolution Center under “How to Remove Limitation”.

Reasons for account restrictions

There are many reasons for having to deal with account limitations depending on the situation. There’s no telling why you may or may not be charged an additional fee or penalty but one certain thing is that it shouldn’t put your business in jeopardy.

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Control requirements

If you want to become a verified user, make sure that you’re following all the regulatory requirements. Otherwise, your account might be limited and we are not able to provide you with some of our services.


Further, to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, we’ve limited access to your account. Unfortunately, sellers of prohibited items such as prescription drugs or firearms have been banned from using our platform.

Unauthorized use

It is possible to protect your PayPal account from potential loss. This is why we may limit your access temporarily to protect you from unnecessary loss and review any fraudulent activity so that you are aware of any unauthorized transfers that might have been made between your PayPal account and a linked bank account, debit, or credit amount.

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Higher Risk

Another reason why your account could be limited is seller performance and it may come in the shape of items you sell. One example of such an occurrence is when a seller starts to sell higher-risk products or things that tend to result in chargebacks if there are any communication issues between the buyer and seller such as jewelry, for example. If a seller starts with lower-risk items that they then begin selling higher-risk items, this can also impact their account too (why is my PayPal account limited).

Another common occurrence is when someone’s sales volume increases very rapidly while they’re still new because there’s no strong indication as far as their positive performance history so Amazon might flag transactions.

Inactive account

If your PayPal account hasn’t been used much since you first signed up, we may decide to limit access. This will mean you won’t have full access to your funds. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the said funds are lost or no longer belong to you. We just want to ensure it is you using your account and not someone who might be making fraudulent use of it.

By submitting relevant supporting documents such as a copy of an ID card or any other form of identification (Drivers license copies, state IDs, etc.) you can regain full access without any issues. To start the process, log in and go to Your Account > My Account > Profile & Settings (If this section is not visible select More Options) > Proof of Identity Choice 1: Upload Documentation – for existing bank accounts Choice 2: Get Code via text on mobile phone (New bank accounts only).

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