Why Is My Refund Pending? How to Check My Refund Status

Why is My Refund Pending?

If your refund status is pending (Why is my refund pending), it means the transaction was staged to be refunded before it had been fully processed by the banking system, or the seller issued the delayed refund using money from their account which has not yet been issued. This process takes 3-5 business days to complete and we appreciate your patience during this time. Once this process is completed, your bank account will be credited with the amount that was initially withheld for several reasons as described below.

If you initially paid for the transaction with your credit or debit card, after 30 days your card will have been credited with the same amount that was held back (i.e. refund amount minus fees if applicable) by PayPal without interest unless required by local law.

Why did the seller give me a refund via echeck recently?

When a seller issues a refund, PayPal allows for the transaction to be completed by sending an eCheck. As an alternative, it’s also possible for the seller to utilize their PayPal balance to fund the refund. The advantage of using a regular PayPal balance is that you don’t have to tie up your bank account which is where an eCheck is sent from and can thus avoid any potential overdraft fees.

I sent a check, but it’s still pending. Why?

An eCheck is like writing a check, but you send it electronically. Your payment will show as pending until the check clears your bank, which usually takes up to six business days. Don’t worry if you accidentally sent more than the total of your purchase, then we’ll return the excess money to your PayPal account via a Check.

Maintaining the balance between what you make and what you spend is usually made easier by sticking to a budget but we understand this practice might be harder for someone who lacks good record-keeping and planning skills. Now if you happen to be one of those people who makes purchases online through PayPal such as through eBay or Amazon, take heed because they have a way to help protect you from yourselves. They will not allow an eCheck payment to go through if the amount written on it has your bank overdraft limit. Why is my refund pending.

Like browsers, people have a lot of options when it comes to payment providers. While PayPal was once the only option for online payments, today we are competing with companies like Mint, Square, and even Apple Pay. A PayPal account is yet another method for buyers to pay you, so if one of your customers prefers a different provider, let them buy their way.

What is an electronic check?

An eCheck is the 21st century’s first step in a more convenient way to pay. To correctly use eChecks is simple. log on to your account and send the payment using the link provided under the ‘Send Money tab, selecting “eCheck” as your choice at checkout. The recipient must set up their bank with us to accept payments of this kind. With an eCheck, you are guaranteed security for no (add a currency, Why is my refund pending), will change hands unless both seller and buyer acknowledge successful transfer of funds between their respective bank accounts.

If you’d like to cancel an eCheck, we recommend that you contact your bank. If you’d like to cancel an eCheck that already cleared, you must talk to the seller since they are responsible for it. We can’t process a new eCheck if you have chosen the instant transfer feature because it would not be possible for us to get the eCheck back and refund it within 60 minutes from the time it has been issued.

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