WorldRemit Wallet

What is the WorldRemit wallet

WorldRemit Wallet is a secure account in the WorldRemite application and can be used in a limited number of countries. It is similar to a physical wallet but has more functions. Customers of the wallet can easily receive, store, send and withdraw funds. Currency can be sent and received between countries, and can also be deposited in wallets in different currencies.

How does it work

WorldRemite Wallet allows you and your loved ones to send, receive or collect money in various currencies using the WorldRemite app. And it can be downloaded today from Google Play or the App Store. The wallet is available to customers in certain countries. However, note that all WorldRemit customers can send money to the WorldRemit Wallet.

What are the benefits of the WorldRemit wallet

The WorldRemit Wallet provides many great benefits for those who wish to store, send or receive funds. They include.

  • A multi-currency wallet where you can choose the currency you want to deposit. It can be one or more currencies.
  • Ability to send or receive funds to others in your country and in more than 150 countries around the world.
  • Using our payment network means that funds can be sent to someone or withdrawn to your bank account, mobile money account, or collected as a cash withdrawal, depending on the payment network in your particular country.
  • Choosing the WorldRemit wallet as the method of receiving payments can bring many advantages to the recipient, including:
  • Ability to choose when and how to use their funds
  • Make money without spending money
  • After registering in the wallet, you can receive these funds almost immediately.
  • Ability to make independent payments in any country or anywhere in the world in their currency.
  • Have a safe, reliable, and convenient account to deposit money, which can be used as a smartphone application.

How to send money from WorldRemit wallet

If you want to send money to another person from the WorldRemit wallet, just a few taps

  • On the Wallet tab of the WorldRemit app, select one of the sections of the currency account you want to send money from.
  • Select “Transfer”.
  • Select new or existing recipients in your country/region or other countries/regions
  • Enter the amount you wish to send-if applicable, we will clearly show our low fees and exchange rates
  • Choose your preferred payment method (ie how you want the recipient to receive the money. Options usually include allowing them to withdraw the funds in cash, or deposit the money into their bank or mobile money account)
  • Choose to pay now to transfer. We will send you a confirmation email, and you and the person you sent the message to will receive our updates via SMS.

How to withdraw money from WorldRemit wallet

You can withdraw money from your WorldRemit wallet at any time through the WorldRemit payment network. Withdrawing money from your WorldRemit wallet is free.

  • Click the transfer button below your balance, and then use your preferred payment option to select a withdrawal method (for example, options usually include cash withdrawal, bank transfer, or mobile transfer, etc.).
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw, if your wallet balance is in U.S. dollars, but the payment option you choose (such as cash) is in the local currency, then the amount you withdraw will be displayed in both currencies.
  • Fill in all the remaining information required to complete the withdrawal and click “Confirm” (for example, if you decide to transfer your local mobile money account, you need to enter your mobile money account details so that we can complete the transfer for you).
  • Once the funds are transferred to your mobile currency or bank account, or cash can be withdrawn, you will receive email and SMS notifications. The remittance record will appear in the transaction history list of your wallet.

Use WorldRemit to send money to more than 130 countries

You can send money to friends and family from all over the world. The translation services you can use depend on the recipient’s country of residence.

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Australia New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Middle east
  • The type of transfer depends on the country/region where you send the money.
  • WorldRemit services include

The three-step rule for protection

There is a simple 3-step method to avoid online scams

Think twice before sending money or providing any information.

You can ignore or decline the funding request. Only criminals will try to leave you or panic.

If you think you are sending money to a scammer, please contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud. If you have questions about who wants money from you or why you want to send money, please do not complete the transaction.

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