Yahoo Finance Premium

What is Yahoo Finance Premium

Yahoo Finance Premium is a new Yahoo subscription service built on the features and data available on the very popular Yahoo Finance platform. Yahoo Finance Premium is specifically aimed at retail investors who want to take their business to a new level. The platform provides a large number of advanced technology maps, portfolio management, direct trading, and expert stock analysis.

Portfolio analysis

Yahoo Finance Premium has a basic portfolio analysis, which is not a sensational tool but increases the use of the platform as a trading center. Traders at Yahoo Finance can create an unlimited number of portfolios and use Active Holdings to update them to track performance.

The basic analytical tool available to advanced subscribers is the automatic comparison of portfolio performance with the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or Nasdaq. In more detail, senior clients can check whether their holdings are overvalued, undervalued, or overvalued, and understand the overall volatility of their investment portfolio. Although these views basically integrate information available to free Yahoo Finance users, users can also create custom data views.

Investment philosophy

One of the interesting features of Yahoo Finance Premium is its investment philosophy. These are not just news reports or stock lists that you can get through services like Motley Fool. Instead, the investment philosophy is based on the technical trend of the stock and the ratings of analysts. The platform will automatically send stocks showing technical prototypes to provide your investment ideas and estimates of expected short-term or long-term price changes based on recognized models.

This is very useful due to the design of the investment concept interface. It’s very easy to scroll through the entire feed and get a quick overview of the suggestions. By clicking on any single idea, you will preview what signal triggered that idea. From there, you can go to a research report or load a technical chart to view the sample in person. The disadvantage of the feed of investment ideas is that it is too big. On any given day, tens of thousands of investment ideas will be listed. You can search for specific stocks or use a basic set of industry or rating filters, but maintaining the source of investment ideas is very difficult.

Technical Chart

Premium members can get more advanced technology charts than free Yahoo Finance customers. The technical map is very good, with over 100 indexes overlapping and the ability to compare multiple stocks or indexes on a single chart. One of the unique features is that you can overlap company events, such as company transactions, leadership changes, financing, and product advertising, as well as dividend and income reports.

However, Yahoo Finance Premium is not a dedicated technology charting platform. There are no other features available for free on the technical chart (for example, using Thinker Swim). But, most importantly, most merchants are good at what they can get through technical analysis without leaving the Yahoo finance platform.

Customization and layout

Yahoo Finance has an amazing and layout to navigate. This is one of the main reasons why it is becoming one of the most popular financial platforms in the United States. Premium has this layout, just add the Premium tab in the dashboard and you can access the payment features quickly and easily. Just as the rest of Yahoo Finance adapts to your interests and assets, so does the premium dashboard. You will automatically see reports on stocks you own or follow, fair values, and company events.

Yahoo Finance Premium is best for any type of trader

Yahoo Finance Premium is very suitable for retailers who strategically integrate basic and technical transactions. The functionality of the platform provides a mix of two styles, but none of these tools are heavy or finely ground, so the premium is very suitable for serious analysts. In addition, merchants who don’t mind using multiple platforms can easily get all the features of Yahoo Finance Premium at a low cost. Therefore, the platform is suitable for traders who want to save the simplicity and time of a single, familiar, and easy-to-use platform.

Affordable value analysis

Another useful indicator available to paying subscribers is affordable value. The fair value of the stock is calculated based on the PG and Peter Lynch valuation method, which focuses on earnings and earnings growth rates. Every stock has a reasonable value, and all stocks in your portfolio and watch list can use this indicator at a glance.

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