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What is Yandex Browser

Yandex browser download is the largest media direction throughout Russia, and for many Russians, Yandex begins its work today. In fact, Yandex is Russia’s largest media owner. Like Google, Yandex has email. Free traffic maps, music, videos, photo storage, and more. These are the products that made Google famous all over the world by introducing users to the Google brand. Google was able to convince users to use alternatives from vulnerable products such as Hotmail, MapQuest, and Dropbox. Google in Russia does not have such an opportunity, because the versions of Yandex are comparable, otherwise not better.

Yandex is better for searching in Russia

Yandex browser download is built specifically for the Russian market and can better meet the challenges of Russian search. Google is generally ineffective at parsing users’ spelling intent in non-English searches. But in the Russian language, it is even weaker. For example, Russian is highly conjugated and some words can have up to 20 different endings. All Russian nouns have grammatical gender. And the gender of nouns affects other words in a sentence.

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 Even the spelling of a person’s name can vary by gender. For example, the last name of the former wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin is simply “Putina” instead of Puti. NS Although Google search only ranks written pages that are relevant to the user’s specific search term, Yandex can parse the user’s synonyms and intent regardless of the user’s spelling. Highly infected, Google provides a worse search experience. Therefore, it does not give a clear reason why users should use Google more often.

Popular on Android

Although Google can use the Android mobile operating system to expand mobile search due to the built-in nature of Google search on Android and Google Play Store, it is ineffective in Russia. Android in Russia accounts for more than 70% of the Russian mobile market. Still, Yandex has 52 percent of the search market on these Android devices.

How secure is Yandex Browser

  • The Yandex browser download has several security features such as DNS leak protection, DNSCrypt, and automatic HTTPS support on insecure networks.
  • Despite these features But there are some minor privacy concerns with Yandex Browser download. Users report that Yandex collects search queries and sends them to Yandex servers for analysis.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the browser is a closed project. Therefore, there is no way for users to see the source code and analyze what the browser is doing in the background.
  • Some users claim that Yandex Browser download has all the necessary rights to collect your information and, if necessary, to send it to the competent authorities.
  • There are also claims that the Yandex browser is associated with the Russian government you should think carefully before using it.

Invest $30 Millions in Germany

Yandex browser download plans to invest $ 30 million by the end of next year to build the Yandex.Cloud platform in Germany. Information technology companies began to provide training and set up representative offices in this country. The initial funds will be used to purchase equipment and rent data centers. The infrastructure is based on three German sites.

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In addition, Yandex. Cloud has also announced Project G-Cloud, a cloud service that will meet the security and security requirements for hosting government information systems, according to the company. It is scheduled to be launched in late 2022. Yandex has also announced Yandex Cloud Desktop as part of Yandex. Cloud and Yandex say it will allow the creation of up to a thousand virtual workplaces in the cloud.

Advantages of Yandex Market

Users can find detailed product descriptions. Compare models and prices Filter products using various parameters and read recommendations from other users. When selecting an offer they are interested in The user will be directed to the website of the online store or to a separate store page within it. Yandex Market with a map and address. This way, the seller will benefit from the traffic of the intent-to-buy user.

Yandex Services

  • Yandex.Direct
  • Yandex.Market
  • Yandex.Metrica
  • AppMetrica
  • Yandex.Webmaster
  • Yandex.Audience
  • Yandex.Directory
  • Yandex.Tracker

Yandex advertising products

  • Yandex ad network
  • mobile advertising
  • Display ads
  • video ads
  • retargeting
  • Yandex.Direct automatic strategy
  • audio ads
  • location-based advertising


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